Second Forzathon Challenge doesnt wiork?

I tried to win all kind of races with my Mclaren F1, but i dosent seem to unlock the challenge for me?

Everyone having the same problem or knows what I did wrong?

Pure guess, 1993 or 2003?

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The 1993, I mean the first challenge was unlocked aswell.

Are you doing Road CIRCUIT events? It can’t be a sprint event, it has to be a circuit (one that is a lap race, not a point to point). There are plenty of custom routes that will also allow you to complete that challenge in about 10-20 seconds each race… if speed of completion for the playlist is your main concern there are certain people you should definitely follow in the FH4 community because they always make optimal tunes and have optimal blueprint races listed in their creative hub that allow you to complete the entire playlist each season in about 2 hrs (including the trial and playground game, excluding qualifying for online if you haven’t already got that done, but once you qualify once you never need to do it again except for one match every new series).

The best thing about following a users creative hub, is it allows you to access their blueprint races from anywhere on the map and it fast travels you to the race for free (if you didn’t get all the fast travel boards, or buy the fast travel perk house). It also lists their tunes first on your suggested tunes list to get rid of the garbage spam tunes that are just posted by people seeking legendary.

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Circuit road race, ones with laps.

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Thank you for all the nice answers. The problem was, that the blueprint race wasnt a circuit race. Very stupid mistake, my bad :smiley: