SECLUS1VE's Paint Thread - UPDATE 9/10/17

Welcome to my paint thread! I’m not a crazy skilled painter, but the more time I spend painting I feel as if I improve each time, and here I will post the most current versions of my schemes. These are my primary schemes that I run online.

Class A Primary:


NASCAR Primaries:

#20 Dollar General Toyota Camry
#2 Brad K Ford Fusion
#42 Target Chevrolet SS

TC V1-2 1

TC V1-2 2

TC V1-2 3

Updated Version

WM V2 1

WM V2 2

WM V2 3



iL V2


TC 2 V2 1

TC 2 V2 2

TC 2 V2 3

TC 2 V2 4

Roland 1-1

Roland 1-2

Estes 5

Estes 6

M1 1

M1 2

Zenni 1

Zenni 2

Zenni 3

Zenni 4

Marathon 1

Marathon 2

Marathon 3

Marathon 4

Most designs and logos can be found on the storefront by searching my gamertag. If you see something that you like that isn’t up for download, let me know and I will upload it.

Please feel free to leave comments! I am always willing to hear compliments or feedback regarding improvement on my work.



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Not too shabby at all - I dig it

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Nice & clean design… keep it up!!!

That is really nice!!

Good start!

Here is another design in the lineup, a ToyotaCare fictional.

TC 1-1

TC 1-2

This can be found on the #20 Dollar Camry by searching my gamertag @ SECLUS1VE.


Here is my A class racer, a very simple unsponsored race scheme.


This can be found on the Lamborghini Countach LP5000 by searching my gamertag @ SECLUS1VE.


That’s nice and simple! I like the Italian touch!

Thanks! I originally just had the black trim with numbers, but the idea of the Italian stripes made the whole car pop.

Original Post Updated

Paint you up some logos and those cars would be super sharp. Very nice work.

The latest to join the stable are a pair of Penske Truck Rental rides, one being based off of the branding of the trucks, and the other based off of the racing look.

PTR 1-1

PTR 2-1

PTR 2-2

PTR 2-3

These can be found on the #20 Dollar Camry and the #2 Brad K Ford, by searching my gamertag @ SECLUS1VE.


Here is a scheme I was dying to do/put my take on. I was always a fan of the WM cars, they all had great colors and cool ideas, so I wanted to elevate that and make it look as close to the real life trucks as possible, and I am very pleased with the way it turned out.

WM 1-1

WM 1-2

WM 1-3

This can be found on the #20 Dollar Camry by searching my gamertag @ SECLUS1VE.


Original post has been updated with the most up to date schemes.


I seem to be having issues with photos being saved, I will have to resort to moving all images over, so please bare with me if the images go missing.


im not much for nascar but there really nice paints

Nice job on that one!

I wish more designers put this much work into their designs - at any skill level! Nice to see some well-made fantasy NASCAR liveries, as we can never have to many of those. Keep it up!:slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments guys, it means a lot!

Coming from you Sweedish, that really means a lot! Your work is stellar! I’ve always found it easier to make fantasy schemes because people criticize every little thing on replicas, haha.


The latest creation, based off of Matt Tift’s car, but I made changes I felt better suited the body of the car.

SS 1-1

SS 1-2

This can be found on the #20 Dollar Camry by searching my gamertag @ SECLUS1VE.


That’s always an issue isn’t it? May be the same car, but with all the subtle styling differences I’m always having to compromise one way or the other when it come to replicas… but we do still love 'em, don’t we :slight_smile: Darn good job - looks pretty seamless to me, and that’s the real deal… if it looks right, and it does, then you must be doing something right!