Seat Position Adjustment

Will we ever get an option to adjust driver seat position?
Some cars have just horrible cockpit view where you can’t see 5+ meters ahead of you. And me personally I’m not a fan of 3rd person view so I have to avoid using certain vehicles.
Would it be so hard to implement simple X Y Z adjustment option for each car? I’m not talking about FOV as it may affect FPS numbers. Also HUD mirror in cockpit would be great.

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Might as well allow FOV to be adjusted as well, and make as many people; as happy as possible.


Agreed. All good suggestions and present in other games. I’m not expecting to see them implemented though :frowning: this thread will soon be locked…

Fake news

Give it time lol

If it’s locked and a suggestion to add it to the wishlist thread, I wouldn’t be surprised - effectively that’s what it is. A request to add a feature to the game, that’s not currently in it.