Seat options for steering wheel

So I have the Next Level Racing wheel stand. Fantastic rig and it’s been a great solution for a quick fold up and put away.

However, I’m planning to turn a (very small) bedroom into a little gaming nook and I plan on having some space for a dedicated racing setup. Given that I;ve already spent $150 on the wheel mount, I’d love to find a good seat to go with it.

The official Next Level Racing seat that attaches to my wheel mount is absurdly expensive ( $600 USD! ). So I was wondering, what do you all use with a mounted wheel as a good racing seat? I know there are plenty of rigs with both a seat and wheel mount, but given that I already have the wheel mount, it seems silly to spend $300+ when I already have half of it.

For actual car seats, go to your nearest “Pull-A-Part” yard and look for a seat you like from a vehicle you actually like; should be less than $100.00. Cheap imitation race seats can be found online for around $100.00; while they may offer reclining options, they have no lumbar support so long racing stints may find yourself with a sore lower back. Since you’re going to have a dedicated room; maybe start searching around for a decent used Little Tikes Corvette/Lightning McQueen bed and frame it all in there just for the added depth.

Now if, “Money Ain’t a Thing” then this is the rig we all aspire to: Initial D 4th Stage - Arcade With Real Cars Odaiba Japan - YouTube or there is this one as well, still road legal too; I converted my Lamborghini into an Xbox controller! - YouTube

While not a “Racing Seat” this is what I use with my wheel setup: Works great for me.

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This is the kind of suggestions I need. Thank you latothe! I actually talked to a friend of mine that is a pretty hardcore gamer and he pointed me in the direction of an office supplies store near me that has tons of affordable desk chairs. Hopefully they have something similar to what you have there that will work for me.

I’ve already looked at PlaySeats and the like, but as I said before, I already have a wheel stand. It seems ridiculous to pay for a wheel mount and seat, when all I really need is the seat.

This one has lumbar support and multiple reclining levels of the back so it’s easy to get the “right” feel. Good luck in your search.

I have a Play Seat which does a great job.
I’m from the UK so you’ll have to check models and prices in $.

Have you tried getting in touch with NLR and seeing if the seat base can be purchased separately? Here in Aus Pagnian (who are the local distributor for NLR) have an option for the wheel-stand and seat base without the seat itself (so you can fit your own bucket seat) so it could be possible.

Another alternative if you want to jank it, find an old metal frame dining chair hack off the backrest and attach any car seat on top

I use one of these seats for my wheel: POÄNG Hillared dark blue, Armchair. Find it here! - IKEA

Cheapish, comfy and easy to move around

You could always grab the GT Omega rear seat frame, its pretty cheap. Then all you need to do is find a suitable seat to attach to it, and come up with a way to attach it to your current wheel stand - GT Omega Racing Ltd

Got mine on amazon- FREE SHIPPING

Thanks everyone for the replies! I ended up going with a nice cheap office chair and took the wheels off of it.