Seasonal events and rewards.

Usually, in games, I completely skip any online activities because they are not interested. So I’m wondering if I skip seasonal events in this game and will play only sp rases will I be able to unlock everything or the seasonal events will give some unique items that you can’t get by simply playing the sp rases.

You might be able to get the 50% completion prizes, but the 80% requires a few multiplayer events.

I mean if I skip any seasonal time-limited events will I be able to unlock everything by playing only standard not seasonal and not time-limited rases?

Some stuff, maybe, depending on what the prize is. There’s a Forza edition car up this week that you can get from wheelspins. But a lot of the exclusives are only made available trough seasonal events. They might make them available by some other means in the future, but at present, they’re only available from seasonal events.

Yeah, exactly, currently many stuff is behind seasonal things. That’s the main reason why I do it. After few years it could be all in Autoshow. But I want it now! :smiley:

In Horizon 3 some stuff is still locked for everybody who missed the time frame.

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