Seasonal Events and Car Pass Disappointment

I’ve always been a huge fan of Forza and got most of car packs and DLCs and bought Ultimate version of FH4 but… Car pass cars is a joke by now - cars we have in FH3 now we are getting in car pass in FH4 - really? Mazda RX7? Hoonicorns and variations of the same car 2-3 times?
It’s autumn now and what do we have as a new car? [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D]? And what do we have in forzathon shop? Or yes - twin mill! THe one that anyone could won 2 or 3 times during last week (I have 2 copies of this twin mill). This cars doesn’t make any sense in game at all - they are fake! And we have this /# two weeks in a row! And second car in Forzathon is FE car that you can buy on auction house or win in a wheelspin! Are you kidding me?

Second problem with is with seasonal events. After a month after release of the game players couldn’t get any super wheelspins in reward after winning seasonal chamionships and we expected that in some time devs will fix that and we will be getting superwheelspins finally! Personally I think they shoud giveaway at least 10 superwheelspins for all who played this seasonal events at all as an apologies! And what did they do? They removed superwheelspins from the rewards in Seasonal events AT ALL!

This things look like a spit in the face of fans! Just can’t believe this! I’m very calm person but this attitude from the devs drives me mad. I can’t find polite words to describe how I’m disappointed with such decisions especially whan the game itself have a lot of flaws in it’s current state and devs continue to make it worse for those who really loves the Forza titles, for the fans!

Wake up! We want to be treated with respect and not get some bones from the table of the owner (cars from previous DLCs that should be in the game BY DEFAULT).

P.S. and the car pass looks like a joke at all - this cars are already in the game, they could be just available from the start - you can get it now with some tricks everybody knows. You just creating content out of nothing just cutting it from the release artificially, like it’s a new cars but they are not! You just made it and set a timer to make an illusion that we have something new. It just making us look fools. Like we don’t understand and can’t see such things.

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I highly recommend this guy’s videos, e.g. he talks here about content that used to come with the base game becoming DLC in more recent releases:

It’s an industry wide trend in an attempt to balance costs and revenue while hiding the true cost of games from the consumer.

The question is what can the consumer do about it. I don’t have an answer. I’m quite puzzled as to why costs are going up so much when salaries in the software industry haven’t appeared to me to be going up all that rapidly, held down by competition from workers in countries where the cost of living is lower. And you’d think that much of the base technology was written years ago now and it should be cheaper to build games using that existing technology than it was to develop the technology in the first place. But the impression I get is that for whatever reason, games companies are struggling to contain costs, and if all these practices were to end, the price of base games would need to increase significantly. I don’t know whether that would make consumers any happier or not.

Compare number of people in any today’s game credits to what it was 10 years ago and 20 years ago and you’ll easily find your answer.

And as to why that number of people went up so much, compare complexity of models, animation and amount of props in any modern AAA game versus 10 and 20 years ago.

That’s apart from things like inflation, increased marketing costs and so on, just above should be enough to have a ballpark estimate of how much more work modern games are (we’ll leave the discussion of whether games themselves became better out please, it’s just about amount of work in them).

It’s not enough to make me not puzzled by it. In my work, headcount is going down not up. A person is expected to do what 4 people would have done 25 years ago. Tools are available that should make it less work to produce complex models today than it was to produce simpler models 20 years ago, e.g. 3D scanners. For animations, they can be motion captured.

I suspect in the case of FH4 it’s the design of the map and race routes that was extremely expensive, and it’s that element which it isn’t sustainable to keep doing every 2 years. For me, as a player, that expenditure doesn’t really create value proportional to the cost. I hadn’t invested much time in learning the FH1/2/3 maps and race routes, but if I had, I’d be very reluctant to start all over again every 2 years, I’d see it as more of a negative than a positive. OTOH I wouldn’t want it all to remain the same, like FM, something in between the two would be nice. Some freshness, but without throwing away all the existing content and time invested by players in learning it all. So if FH5 kept the same map but expanded it by 20%, say, then that would be cheaper to make, and I’d actually prefer it to a completely new map.

You’re also forgetting the costs of licensing each and every car in the game. All of those have to be paid for, along with licenses to include buildings and landmarks (yes buildings are subject to copyright laws). They also have to pay for licensing all of the music in game, and again the costs of that are astronomical for a global market. Most AAA game prices have been steady for several years, with base games costing around £50 in the UK (where I live) and Deluxe/Ultimate equivalent at £65 to £80. That’s been steady over the last gen and current gen consoles XB360/XBOne PS3/PS4 alongside PC games (yes I know there are exceptions, but around 95% fall into this price bracket). The games now are more complex, have more content and are much larger, but are still roughly the same price as they were several years ago, so effectively, when you factor in inflation, development costs, and extra staff needed to publish games in the first place, you’re getting a LOT more for your money, yet the gaming industry in general has tried to keep the prices paid by the consumer at the same level. The PRICE may be the same as it was several years ago, but the VALUE of games has increased exponentially.

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