Seasonal championship colon holidays are coming will not trigger

I have tried this twice now. all three races with a stock vehicle and upgraded, both under 800 pi score and complete the third race and it does not give me the five points and still shows it as incomplete.

Same issue here. I played twice already
Even change it to solo mode instead of Horizon Live still doesnt work

I don’t know why, but the seasonal championships haven’t worked for me since the beginning. This is the fourth series, and again, win all three races, but it doesn’t show completed, and no points. Really, that should be the easiest 15 points in the playlist, but so far one month in, and I haven’t yet recevied credit for completeing them. Very frustrating.

Can I just ask what is a colon holiday?

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I could be wrong here but it would seem the OP has typed in Colon instead of using the colon symbol (maybe a translation program gone haywire)

It’s where we celebrate our colons by eating vast quantities of extremely unhealthy foods.

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