Season 24 - Spec Racing - FIAT X1/9 - Hosted By r/FM4

It’s time for the twenty fourth season of our Forza Motorsport series. The goal is to have the feel of serious racing league while being able to let those who just want to have fun be able to compete. The season will consist of 9 races over the course of 5 weeks. Races will be held once a week on Tuesday evenings at 7:00pm Central (US). Each night will last between one and two hours. The first race night is 10/30/18. Participants all run the same car and upgrades however tuning is allowed. This is a simulation damage series. This seasons car is an E-Class FIAT X1/9. It was selected by season twenty three’s points champion cthom14.

New this season races will be broadcast with live race commentary by ShadowEdgeMedia on Twitch.

To learn more please visit our reddit page.

I can hardly wait for this season, and looking forward to broadcasting it LIVE at!

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Season 24 Driver Introduction Gallery.

Pictures from Tuesday’s Test n’ Tune Night

Tuesday (10/30/18) Racing starts at 7:00pm (Central Daylight Time) With the time change over happening in different countries at different times thru the next few weeks please be aware of when the race starts in your time zone.

This week’s tracks are:

  • Race 1 - Le Mans: Bugatti Circuit (Drizzle - Moderate Rain 40% - Summer Drizzle 100%) - Laps: 15
  • Race 2 - Watkins Glen: Full Circuit - Laps: 13

We have almost a full grid signed up for this season! With this many cars on the track I remind everyone to be careful at the start. There are quite a few drivers in the field that run with the in car camera, last min moves, or big runs, please call out your passes.

ShadowEdgeMedia will be broadcasting the races this season live on Twitch. If you haven’t been watching live i recommend watching back his coverage of the Mileage Master Championship races. Shadow does an excellent job and we are excited to have him on board this season. You can find his channel here. Twitch

AIMEL has put together this great trailer to get everyone excited for Season 24 - YouTube

There are still spots available, tell your friends, lets get a full field!

I will be hosting, See everyone then.

Photo Recap Week 1

Race Replay Commentary by ShadowEdgeMedia

Photo Recap Week 2

Race Replay by ShadowEdgeMedia

Reminder: Tuesday (11/13/18) is Week 3 Racing starts at 7:00pm CST

Photo Recap Week 3

Race Replay by ShadowEdgeMedia on Twitch

Photo Recap Week 4

Race Replay by ShadowEdgeMedia on Twitch

Photo Recap Week 5 75 min Enduro.

Race Replay by ShadowEdgeMedia on Twitch

Congratulations to SVR Family Dude on taking home the driver points championship this season.

Look for Season 25 to start after Christmas with the car of his choosing.

Thanks to everyone who came out and raced with us and thanks to ShadowEdgeMedia for broadcasting the events this season.