Searching for painters is mission impossible ...right?

Okay so I saw a lengendary painter named “one love” with club tags and symbols n whatnot. I then selected the very car 488 GTB I saw his paint on and the pressed search. I did not know his full tag so I put in one love = results show nothing? Why is the search engine so useless? You can’t expect people to remember every single symbol when entering names. Any tips?


Found another legendary painter named shane something = no results!!!
This search engine is totally useless and Turn 10 should be ashamed for just reusing old crappy code from previous games. … sigh

I dunno, a pencil and paper?

Yes this is good advice - in 2016 …the digital age - grab a pen and some paper. Thank you kind sir!

Search option was made by dumb and dumber and no one seem to care 1 bit.

You sound full of angst and confusion. Stop listening to AFI, take a deep breath, and use pen and paper. Just because we are in some technological era doesn’t mean we don’t still have to use things like that. For another game I play, I use a notebook to take notes, write down strategies, etc.

If you don’t want to use pen and paper, I am sure your smart phone has some app on it that can do the same. :thumbsup:



one l0ve 27? That second ‘o’ is a zero.

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Yup that’s the one - how the H*** did you find him? Using google I imagine he he
Maybe you can find that Shane guy as well Sherlock? :smiley:

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If you don’t enter any search string, it gives you all designs for the car you’re in.

Okay so I learned that my fellow man (still) likes to use “pen and paper” in stead of pressuring the devs 2 make a proper search engine. Why bother? this is the way it has always been.
I also learned that when searching for a painter you MUST know his FULL name, no parts or fragments are allowed in the very specific (lazy) search “engine”. Only FULL name!! Got it?
Good news however is that you DON’T need to use those silly club tags
Final note: thank you Dragnet for that useful piece of info …Search for nothing and all will be revealed :slight_smile:

I love this game (and the entire Forza series) but my god the search feature is a complete joke and counterproductive/intuitive and implemented by lazy devs that can’t be bothered.

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You can contact the developers by email at

Mister “full of angst and confusion” thanks you all for your input - I guess this could be a wrap yes?

If you are looking on the auction page, you can go to the painters storefront and download his paints. just press “Y” for auction details instead of “A” to load the auction itself, and go to painter.

Don’t forget to follow him so next time you can just open his storefront from your followed list. When I see a cool design I immediately follow so I can browse later.

This is what I am doing also now since the search is borked. Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m no pro painter but when I’m not working 12 hour shifts I like to do some designs, nothing ott but still popular considering ive just started doing this kind of thing . If a paint job says prismatic it only shows properly in the sunlight. My best work is for the project 7 and brz I added a lot of color options as everyone has different tastes.

While I agree with both sides in this thread I have to give the OP some credit as well. The search engine or the entire way to find good quality designs in this game is indeed something that could be greatly improved. The only reason it hasn’t annoyed me yet is because I always prefer the factory colors. :slight_smile: