Seahawks License Plates

Here are some license plates I made up, based loosely on the real replicas license plates. Its crazy they allowed the 49rssuk plate lol… Too funny. I just realized that the Font I used on 43to8, 49rssuk were wrong so I will change that later.

File description: Seahawks License Plate

While you fix those fonts, you should go ahead and get this livery for a quality ride that leaves your eyes and your mind wishing for a new season already:

Division rivalry aside, your plates look good! It’s nice to see that someone in Forza cares about the Seahawks having some good fortune on the field too!


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Growing up in California with a mother who babysat a 49er, I can appreciate the 49ers but… Now that I am a grown man and live in the Pacific Northwest, I gotta love my Seahawks!! Not a bad looking graphic, would be better suited on a different car lol…