Screechy's corner Black cat done and Shared

Here are my finished designs.
Starting with the F50 Mermaid, it is also on a Vanquish

Fright night, on Aston Martin DBS, there is also a matte version, and also on the Jaguar E-type S1

Benz C63

Audi RS 7

Caddy CTSV

Witch on Lamborghini Murcielago LP 670-4 SV and Mercedes 2009 SL 65 AMG

Zipper face on the Infiniti IPL G Chevy88 took the Pics

Black Cat Pics by chevy88
1997 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec


This will be my wip area.

Here is a new wip of Black Cat, or what should be her when I’m done.

New image started.

That ^ doesn’t look like 840ish layers does it?

clears throat still wipping.

I’m having a bad hair day. loosing patients with it…

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Nice to see you painting in FM5 Screechy, ‘zippered face’ M5 in FM4 is still my favorite car :slight_smile:
Ps* thanks for the Frightnight and Little mermaid on FM5

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Good stuff

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Think ill park my butt here and wait for more awesomness to flo


Some absolutely amazing stuff in here mate. Great jobs all around, this fantasy stuff is insane!

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Nice work Screechy!

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beautiful work screechymon

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this is dope homie

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Nice gallery screechy, But this is still my favorite

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I got the Mermaid too, she turned out wonderful. I think its about time you headed back to the paint booth, unless you think you can make up .6xx on the cockscrew lol :stuck_out_tongue:

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Looking great Screechy! Really like how the mermaid turned out.

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Thanks for the great comments everyone. Its nice to see. I have been experimenting with a new paint. I’m trying to make a deadlights racing Cadillac ctsv. But I don’t know if I like it, or if I’m going to share it. I am rolling around ideas on what to paint next. So I’ll be back in the booth soon.

And no Kelly. I think you got me that time. Im having trouble beating my own time let alone trying to shave off even more time. If they don’t change the monthly ones again, I may take another stab at the ss event.

looking awesome screech

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Hey screech, i was about to say looking forward to seeing some widebody goodness from you but i see your already on it :wink:

Superb work dude

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That mercedes is so sick

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Thanks Hotrod, IONizzle, and Deww. I appreciate it.

Updated my OP with Audi and the CTSV.

WOW you have been busy great paints in here bud your skills have got better…

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great work screechymon!! really like the merc!!

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awesome job screechy awesome

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