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Hello all!

My name is Blake aka iWreckRookies or for short, “Rooks”. I am an admin on a SIM gaming site called Sim Champions, where we are beginning an exciting new venture into the world of auto racing.

This was a thread started in the Forza Horizon 2 section, but we felt as a whole that FM5 was more of a simulator.

A bit of background on us:

We are a community built around the philosophy that we want to make our gaming experience as close to the real thing as possible. We have run successful SIM Madden, NHL, NCAA, FIFA, NBA 2K, and MLB leagues for a handful of years now, and myself along with site owner Quazi have been there every step of the way.

Me being a gear head in real life (part owner of a small LSX shop here in South Florida), I decided it was time to add the smell of burnt-rubber to our already great site.

That said, we are pleased to announce the beginning of Sim Champions Racing Association, a branch of our site dedicated to those who love to be behind the wheel rather than on the turf.

We will be running both “street style” and “track style” events and leauges, so those of varying car cultures can all get their fix.

As a kick off our new venture, we have developed an event that will be taking place some time in the next couple weeks that will be know as the “SCRA Fast 10”.

To participate, please go to our website and register. Once registered, check out the link below for more information on the event.

Here are the highlights of the event:


Date of event to be determined after we have a set number of racers

Sim Champs Fast 10 will be a dual-purpose street racing meet/tournament held on Forza Motorsports 5. We would begin the meet around 9:30-10PM EST, get some good photos of the meet and cruising video shots, then start the tournament about 30-45 minutes later. The meet would also be broadcast on -

Depending on the number of participants, we will do a tournament style, single-elimination event to determine the initial SCRA Fast 10.

The Fast 10 lists will be kept in locked threads:

SCRA Fast 10 - Roll Race Division -
SCRA Fast 10 - Drag Race Division -

The way it will work:

The SCRA Fast 10 will work much like the show “Street Outlaws”.

  • You can call out one person for their spot per week.

  • You can only call out the person that is one spot ahead of you.

  • Challenges can be made on these threads:

  • Roll Racing -

  • Drag Racing -

  • If you’re not in the Fast 10 already, you must start by calling out #10.

  • If multiple people are calling out #10 in the same week, challenger will be determined in small tournament

  • If the challenger beats the incumbent, you can immediately call out the spot ahead of you within the same week.

  • If you lose your challenge, you cannot make another call out until the following week.

  • The race week will run from Monday at 12:00AM to Sunday at 11:59PM. No exceptions.

  • Must have other racers present to verify results.

  • There will be two lists: Drag Racing and Roll Racing

  • Drivers may have a different car for each division

  • However, once you select a car you must stay with that car for four weeks. (No switching cars every week just because you can’t win… It’s built not bought!)

  • Try to keep the cars “clean”. Meaning no absurd or obnoxious liveries or stickers. Showing off your team colors is fine, just keep it modest and classy.

  • MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL: Be a man about losing… Nobody wants to hear “I missed a gear”, “I had tire spin”, or any of the other excuses. Lose with dignity, build your car better, and come back next week to claim what is yours.


  • One race, quarter mile. Will be a judge at start and finish lines with cameras on each.
  • Cannot pass center line or you are disqualified
  • Cannot hit other racer or you are disqualified.
  • Third party will ask both racers if they are ready, once given the ready from both drivers, the third party will give them a “3…2…1…GO!”


  • Race winner will be determined by a best of 3 heats
  • First race will take place at a 40MPH roll
  • Second race will take place at a 60MPH roll
  • Third race (if necessary) will take place at an agreed upon speed.
  • Cannot pass center line or yo are disqualified
  • Cannot hit other racer or you are disqualified
  • Once at roll speed, a third party will ask both racers if they are ready, once given the ready from both drivers, the third party will give them a “3…2…1…GO!”

What about the rules for cars?

The SCRA Fast 10 will have just a few rules. We want these to resemble cars you’d see on the street.

  • No drag radial tires, can have race level tires only.
  • No full roll cage, can go up to stage two connectors and rods.
  • No full weight reduction, can go up to stage two air compressor removal
  • No All-Wheel Drive (AWD) cars for the drag racing division
  • Car restrictions are as follows


SCRA reserves the right to add/delete/modify this list at any time, if your car is effected, you will be notified prior to change

We hope to see your participation in the event, and on Sim Champions as a whole!!!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me on XBL at iWreckRookies.

Thank you!

-The SC Staff

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