Subaru Race Jump

Have never posted any pics before and would like to get into this!!

Nice shot. If you’re just getting into forzatography, I suggest you play around with the settings, especially aperture, to get a good feel for it. Good luck!

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+1, looking forward to your next update!

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One thing I would change in the first shot is the layout. Because personally the shot would improve if you positioned the car a bit higher on the left hand side. In such a way that it isn’t touching the bottom of the frame. Aside from that, it will be good fun to see what your next update looks like.

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Looking forward to more from you soon :slight_smile:

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Thanks guys! I will definitely take any and all advice to heart! I didn’t get as much time in as I would’ve liked this weekend but I did get a couple more shots. I will start playing with aperture like Night Viper and Korniis95 said to. also I will pay more attention to the edge of the frame like you said Pebb!! Thanks guys and more coming soon!!

Also feel free to add me on live to cruise or get group shots together!!

Good work on that Impala shot, nice lighting :slight_smile:

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Thanks Viper!






Really nice job on that 458 shot man! digging the gallery so far

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Thanks man! It really means a lot to hear that!

Hopefully im getting the hang of this. whats everyones thoughts?

Just keep working at it and you will keep improving :slight_smile:


Just experimenting still.

The composition on the last photos of the set are a bit odd, but experimenting is good! It really helps in branching out and learning new things, so keep at it.

Even with that said, the first shot of the recent set is actually the complete opposite from what I just said! Great capture.

Nice job on the B&W Daytona.

Gotta agree here.


Didn’t get on for too long last night, but I did manage to snap this!