[SCH] Mazda RX3 + 2006 Audi #2 R8 paints for your consideration

Two recent paints, both originals and both available now in my sharefront. Thanks
GT: Sirchickenheart

Mazda RX3
Rotary inspired
rx3 by givetokeith, on Flickr

2006 Audi R8 #2
BP inspired
Consider using this paint for the Nur Endurance race event (P1 cars), or the German Mile achievement (racing 200+ miles on the Ring in a BMW, Audi, VW or Mercedes)
bpaudi3 by givetokeith, on Flickr
bpaudi1 by givetokeith, on Flickr

they both look very cool mate, i like the RX-3 its a different type of cool, but still cool. great work!!

Like 'em both, something different yet clean. Can’t seem to locate the R8 file though…?

Both designs look really nice, great work.

Missed the RX SCH, thats sweet! Will pick it up when i’m on next


That RX-3 looks really funky but I am going to have to go with the Audi as my favorite of the two. Both are awesome though mat and your work never ceases to amaze.