[SCH & Ice3bills] HLC "Long Beach Celebrity Race" FINAL Results

This HLC is now complete. Deadline was 4/30/14

With the arrival of Long Beach to Forza-land, I wanted to come up with something to highlight that track,. Toyota hosts the Grand Prix, along with a Celebrity Race where Scion TCs, and more recently the FRS, are setup for various A and B list celebrities. The idea here was to create something that you could then have fun with, in both an HLC single session experience, as well as a private lobby, invite your friends and all compete in the same car with multiple paint options type experience.

Go out and feel famous.

Car: Scion Tc

Tune: c500 by Ice3bills

There are currently two tunes available, 269 and 289hp. The 269 was the one Ice3bills and I were setting times with, but feel free to try either/both out. Tuned with no assists in mind.

Paint: by Sirchickenheart

Replica (with some additional pieces added just for fun) of the 2012 design. There are four choices available.

blue08 by givetokeith, on Flickr

Reference Times:
Long Beach Full:
Sirchickenheart 1:33.737 (PB #297)
Ice3bills 1:34.134 (PB #381)

Long Beach East Route:
Sirchickenheart 1:00.428 (PB #277)
Ice3bills: 1:00561 (PB #302)

Long Beach West
Ice3bills: 26.448 (PB #239)
Sirchickenheart: 26.529 (PB #264)](red7 | givetokeith | Flickr)](white11 | givetokeith | Flickr)

HLC: Long Beach Full Circuit Deadline to post times 4/20/2014
Please post your lap time along with the tune used (269 or 289).

FINAL Lap Times:

1:32.522 (269) GRD 43L
1:32.666 (269) DubyaSoDopeMOJO
1.32.825 (269) #3 AlfredosNL (PB #221)
1:32.884 (289) #7 CraftyBudman
1:33.029 (289) #8 MonkeyDGio
1:33.401 (269) #11 MonkeyDGio
1:33.737 (269) #3 Sirchickenheart (PB #297)
1:33.889 (269) #11 Mr Fade
1:34.103 (289) #11 AlfredosNL
1:34.134 (269) #8 Ice3bills (PB #381)
1:34.136 (269) #7 CraftyBudman
1:34.475 (269) #3 A1ArmedRENEGADE
1:36.485 (269) #3 GSW Knucklehead

all four paints are now available, white #11 and red #7 added.

Good to see some old GT’s still on forza

Nice work guys

Lets get the party started !!!

1.33.789 (269)

Will try out the 289 later

thank you for running it, let me know how it compared to your build after you had the chance with the 289.
Did you pick up the #3 grey paint?

I have the Grey/Orange on the 269 and the White/Green for the 289

My Scion Tc is RWD and yours are FWD but I see some connections .

Nice! I noticed this topic just now before going to bed, but tomorrow I will give both the cars a try

1:36.485. Not PB. it is .250 behind my Cougar. I ran 9 laps chasing it. I catch it in the turns, but the V8 pulls on the straights.

Nice job guys. I grabbed the #3 paint

Ran about 15 laps last night best was 1.35.8 once I run a few more will go lower. It was the 269 with blue. Liked it lots of pull down the straights, I use ABS and they seem soft hard to stop or I am just going to fast lol. I am going to run the other one today mostly gray, I got blue just for the fact it had 8 on the back.

Best time with the (289) is 1.34.103

Best time with my own Scion tC RWD 1.33.081 #196

leaderboard updated, thank you for posting the results you are getting, along with the paints you are selecting.

Alfredos, yes, had a RWD build as well, but in trying to keep it similar to what the Celebrity Race would feel like, kept it FWD.

Let’s see some more results.

Would love to see some pics if you are able to set up a multiplayer race with your friends and run these all together. Maybe like a 15 lap race, with collisions on, but damage to cosmetic. Would make for some close wheel to wheel racing in those tight corners.

I tried the 269hp with the white design and made a 1:33, 799 but I think I can do better with a few more laps. Tomorrow I will try the other versione of the tune.

Thanks for giving them a run guys. The quickest I have been is 1:33.1 but was invalid from the lap before. So angry. Lol

Thanks for giving them a run guys. The quickest I have been is 1:33.1 but was invalid from the lap before. So angry. Lol

Thanks for giving them a run guys. The quickest I have been is 1:33.1 but was invalid from the lap before. So angry. Lol

Down to a 135.5xx, I have lce for awhile but he kills me on the last set of turns. Mike

Long Beach East Route:

(289) 0.59.795 #176
(269) 1.00.183

Long Beach West

(289 ) 26.372 #215
(269) 26.126 #159

Long Beach Full

(269) 1.33.168

I like the sound of this. I remember watching this race about 20 years ago and it is a hoot. I must give it a go.

1st run session = 1:33.226 (269 tune). This is a very nice/smooth tune and I likes it. I also like the playful livery by Sirchickenheart; very tasty.

If you guys are setting up a 10+ more laps race, please let me know and I’ll be there, time/schedule allowing (I’m in Eastern time, usually available on Weekends and most late week nights after 10pm)

2nd run session = 1:32.785 (269 tune).

Love the car guys… been chasing Alfredos all morning. He kills me on the last turn. Been a blast being a celebrity. I went with the red No. 7.

Full (289) 1:33.535
(269) 1:34.136

East (289) 1:00.022
(269) 1:00.764

West (289) 26.196
(269) 26.203

Thanks Budman