[SCH] C500 top 50 & 100 drag, new april rival drag VW

OPTION 1: El Camino
For those who want to set top 50 & 100 times in all 6 drag settings in one build, along with building your drivatar sync by 5%, grab my C500 Chevy El Camino. Just need one tune, squeeze and go with manual/clutch. To get your drivatar synced to 100% for each track, go to multiplayer, set up a private lobby for drag racing, set to 10 heats. Lots of loading time between races, so grab a soda.

Here are my times:
1/4 mile 2 car: 10.917 (#72)
1/2 mile 2 car: 17.050 (#45)
Full Mile 2 car: 27.401 (#67)

1/4 mile 8 car: 10.917 (#38)
1/2 mile 8 car: 17.021 (#36)
Full Mile 8 car: 27.368 (#72)

car does get a bit light on the full mile once you get to the end of 4th gear, be ready to keep it going straight.

OPTION 2: 396 Nova
Top 50 with a bit more effort, but once you figure out how this car works best for you, you can squeeze into the top 30’s or better. I ran it with no assists, but it does have a learning curve and may not work for everyone. I tuned it to be similar as the El Camino, in having not to worry about operating the clutch on launch…just squeeze and go…but find the right time to shift out of first so that you maintain the most traction. Half mile is set to be a 2-gear pull (170 mph plus)…the full mile being a 3 gear pull topping 200 mph. (You know you have a good launch if you float around 4k rpms off the line…higher you just roast tires, lower you will be slower to accelerate)

Some times:
1/4 mile 2 car: NA
1/2 mile 2 car: 16.917 (#39)
Full Mile 2 car: 26.387 (#45)

1/4 mile 8 car: NA
1/2 mile 8 car: 16.850 (#31)
Full Mile 8 car: 26.336 (#33)

OPTION 3: April Monthly Rival Drag tune
VW Scirocco R 250 hp FWD tune for 1/2 mile
My tune is available as it similar to my others, just squeeze and pull. 14.3’s, top 100.
I had multiple builds running the same time, but this was the cheapest of them. enjoy.

Easy Money!

Run #1: 2 car 1/4 mile #125 with a 11.183
Run #2: 2 car 1/2 mile #55 with a 17.134
Run #3: 2 car 1 mile #66xx across the finish line BACKWARDS!
Quick switch back to normal steering - you warned us!
Run #4 2 car 1 mile #89 with a 27.850

Go play around in a test drive to figure out where to shift and work on my launch technique.

Run #5: 8 car 1/4 mile #68 with a 11.317 late on the first shift
Run #6: 8 car 1/2 mile #46 with a 17.134 late on the second shift
Run #7: 8 car 1 mile #76 with a 27.501 how did I not red light?
Run #8: 8 car 1 mile #76 with a 27.450 (only 0.082 back)
Run #9: 8 car 1 mile - OK so you can’t red light - NO DRIVER REACTION TIME! WHAT IS THE POINT???

Back over to Road America - One day I’ll quit dropping the right front into the grass around the Carousel and get that 0.013 seconds I need to pass you.

6 top 100 times in my first 7 races! I’d say that qualifies as a good drag tune,

Thanks for sharing build/tune. Downloaded and had some fun. I also love “easy money” to crash220’s point. I actually received 6 extra badges/titles which I had not been awarded yet as I went through my drag cycle with this puppy.Here are my times:
1/4 mile 2 car: 10.933 (#74)
1/2 mile 2 car: 17.050 (#45)
Full Mile 2 car: 27.534 (#72)

1/4 mile 8 car: 10.916 (#37)
1/2 mile 8 car: 17.033 (#37)
Full Mile 8 car: 27.534 (#77)

I actually enjoyed this part. BTW, can anything be done to get a little bit more during the 4th gear (seems topping out)?

@ crash220 – lol! I actually hit the wall on the first cycle through the full mile, and, finished one race in BACKWARDS as well during the 2nd cycle through the mile. It was fun though.

I believe the problem in finding improvement in fourth gear is the transmission choice I have in that El Camino build. I’ll check back and see if there is anyway to give you more down the line on the full mile.

I have continued to try and find a solution to the 396 Nova. I think I’m getting closer.

I have beat my 1/2 mile times, and my full mile times with a 396 Nova which I have uploaded if you guys are hard core and what to further yourself up the boards. I’m trying to polish the gearing as I have a race trans in the build I’m running/tuning right now. I am struggling right now in finding a gear which launches without spinning versus launches too low and just is slow to spool.

…and there is a huge difference depending on whether you are launching using the clutch or just squeezing the trigger at start.

Have a build up right now for the Chevy 396 Nova (C500)if you are interested in checking it out.

I think this was build 15.

It is running in the 16s at the half mile, 26s at the full.

ok, went with the squeeze and go method, no clutch needed at launch. Tune is now up. I’ll post some times in a bit and revised the OP to reflect both cars.
Top 50 at both half and full mile tracks, 2 and 8 car.

Tip, in both 1/2 mile and full mile…the trick is to find the right point to shift into 2nd gear as to maintain the most amount of grip and avoid wandering all over the track. This things pools up slow and then boom.
1/2 mile is a 2 gear pull…full mile is 3 gears and you should be at 200 mph plus.

Good luck…
I have a silly paint up for the Nova if you have nothing else and wouldn’t mind running mine.

checked on my build for the El Camino, no adjustments available to help out with 4th…sorry
put up a quickie paint job for it though. kind of sad actually, but if you don’t got anything, why not right :slight_smile:

Thanks for checking on this.

I’ll be trying your Nova in a little while and will post up times. Again, thanks for sharing.

Just bought the 396 along with your paint job. Looks nice. Will take for a spin soon.

“spin” might be the truth on your first couple goes. Patience and you’ll figure it out.

I found in setting up my lobby for 10 heats, that the car does not always launch consistently even though you are simply squeezing the throttle down 100% on all launches. If you launch right around the 4k rpm mode, you know that is the one to pay more attention to…if it launches you below that, the run will be slower than the target time.

The other thing I noted, was that I tended to have more “4k” launches in 8 car mode compared to my 2 car races. Don’t know why, but that was the case…why it was harder to match some of my 8 and 2 car times…even though, in theory, times should be the same…same car, same track, same conditions…

The Nova 396 was certainly “tricky” ! Shift up @ below or above the rpm sweet spot range and it will take you on a Disneyland ride. Anyway, here are my times, you’ll note that on the 1/2mile (8-car) I could not manage to keep it away from a side bump and was a dirty lap, thus, my El Camino is doing better for that race.

1/4 mile 2 car: n/a
1/2 mile 2 car: 16.967 (#43)
Full Mile 2 car: 26.750 (#52)

1/4 mile 8 car: n/a
1/2 mile 8 car: 17.200 (#xx, dirty lap)
Full Mile 8 car: 26.433 (#36)

Thanks for the tune. I’ll have to keep in under control a lot better. I know there is certainly time to be gained.

for those interested in the April monthly drag challenge…I’m loading my 18.4 second 1/2 mile setup for the vw scirocco R. Mine is set at A 617 and is set similar to mu others…just pull the accelerator and go.