Scene 95 is proof that the AI is horribly bugged or that the "levels" weren't playtested properly

Has anyone managed to 3 star this without turning down the difficulty or using some cheesy method to win? On one hand I’m really enjoying the game but on the other it’s also incredibly frustrating because of all the bugs that waste your time or “rob” you of stuff.

EDIT: Finally did it in a leisurely 1:31 by changing difficulty to Tourist and turning TCS on. Even then it was a slippery, slidey mess 90% of the event.

Oh yeah. This one. I agree, this mission/level is absolute pure nonsense. It’s basically a showcase of “hey, here’s how fake our AI is”.

I 3-starred it at Expert, basically what you have to do is just try your best to be as close as possible to the Bugatti. You can’t overtake him no matter what so don’t try, just try to be on-road, and in view of the car. Then, there’s this last huge corner, where the Bugatti does a stupid turn, every time. Well, when you see it making the turn, ram into it. You’ll then overtake it and win. (The mission was designed like that it seems - they should have binned this design, it’s an insult to a gamer. 100% intentionally frustrates you the whole race, then gives you the win because we’re obviously mentally-impaired and can’t win an actual race)

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Did you do it with traction control on? I always play the game with it off but the fishtailing of the Jesko on wet mud is too extreme even when feathering the throttle! I’m just really disappointed as a whole because of these kind of issues with the game - they had 3 years to build it using an existing game engine yet it seems to have introduced more issues than the ones it fixed from past installments.

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Ah, good point. I’m not that technically-advanced of a driver. I use Medium settings for driving. That preset had 2 options, traction control and stability control. One of them is off, I forget which. I only turn the other off only when I am drifting, otherwise I keep it just like the Medium preset has it.

Edit: I also agree with you about how this feels like something that would happen in a game that’s not so storied, or doesn’t have such strong roots in the racing genre. The Crew 2, perhaps. That game felt like it was on rails. But in general I’ve gotten similar feelings in FH5 as well. I’m sure it’s not new, but I feel like in previous games it was masked better. Now it’s like they stopped caring whether the suspension of disbelief occurs or not.

I didn’t think the difficulty scaled on the stories as a 3 star time is a 3 star time.

For that one, I had to put TC on, then I didn’t brake for the right turn near the start when you go downhill and then around the corner of the fort / wall.
The barrier on the outside there is solid so I passed the other car, had a little wall ride then it didn’t really make that much effort to keep up.

Definitely a bug as you should be able to 1 star the event, not have it end early.

Ah, the issue with this one isn’t the time. You also have to get to the finish line before the AI car (Veyron) gets there - and it gets there in like 1m 15s or something while you are struggling with the bad kind of wheelspin.

Maybe difficulty does affect it cuz I play on average/above and won no problem. I’m a very average driver with all assists off on a wheel so it’s always a challenge.

Traction control did the trick for me. Felt impossible without it (especially the start of the race). I play on Pro difficulty.