scared to play

I’ve lost my internet for two days, after reading all the cloud sync horror storys I’m scared to play the game offline incase I lose my save when the internet comes back on. Has it been proven that this is what actualy causes the problem yet and is it worth the risk of turning the game on, I’m allready getting withdrawl symtoms and am half way through a paint I really want to get finished.

It’s a mystery why it happens, Im sure T10 & MS must know why it’s happening but they just aint telling anyone just yet.

Haven’t had an issue with my saves when my internet has been out - have to unplug kinect to be able to sign in but after that no issues.

I say ‘go for it’, MEXIC075. I’ve had my internet go out intermittently over the last six months and I’ve continued on with no issues. I can deeply sympathize with anyone who has, in fact, lost their save data, but it isn’t certain what is at the root of the cause. Should anything happen to your file (and I sure hope nothing does) I would suspect that you, being an involved member of this community, will provide the necessary information to help troubleshoot; however, my two cents say that you will be safe.

Don’t Worry. I’m Scared to play Online. It’s nothing but Crash Teams and Trolls.

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Cheers guys, think thats put my mind at ease.

I’ve been in the process of moving recently, and hadn’t had home internet for nearly a month. During that time I played all my games offline, made several liveries, raced a few career series, and even got around to a few achievements on games like Battlefield. I just finished moving in to the new place, got internet again, and hooked everything back up with no issue. All my saves sync’d up just fine, I got all the credits from designs and drivatar races for the time I was gone, and all the gamerscore between my 360 and ONE shows up correctly. I don’t think you’ll have anything to worry about.