Scallops for Kustom/Hot Rod look


New to Forza and trying to create some white scallops with a thin red edge like they’re pinstriped round. Could anyone help with some pointers on how to create them, I’m failing badly!

Also looking at doing a rat look 32 with rust effect, can anyone suggest a good method of creating a rust look

Thanks in advance!

Scallops use the car paint colour as a mask. You can use a circle, and then a square to make the scallop shape. This then looks like it cut a hole in another shape to make the thin red edge. To make rust you tint a special metal colour with orange such as aluminium type metal tinted orange. You then save that paint colour. Then then paint the car with vinyls over the orange metal… say black, or red. Then cut holes with a mask to see the orange metal underneath. Then go over the mask with paint again, but faded opaque paint to look more rusty… like dull orange paint speckled…