Says my 390x wont work with this game?!

Error code: Ap301

Now clearly my 390x will run this game haha

I have an older rig with a 650ti which works just fine

my 390x has the latest drivers installed and all, too. but it says the drivers wont work


looks like crimson 16.5.1 was released on 5/4 are you sure you have that one installed?

Yep and ive even uninstalled the amd drivers and reinstalled with both beta and normal 16.5… error wont go away

I just went as far as to do this:

Install all windows updates

Uninstall Amd drivers

Uninstall forza apex

(with restarts between each step fyi)


Install newest AMD drivers again

Reinstall forza

Still error code Ap301

Odd, 390 should work unless the beta was built on nvidia

Interesting, good feedback!

I had the same error message with my R9 380 i installed the latest drivers the patch fix set all setting on the gpu to factory and the game now runs fine i got the 319mb file

cheers all

Yeah something odd is going on! Iracing and all that works so its the beta itself. Im on those drivers, dragon, so idk Lol I went back a few versions to try even and no avail!

My only idea other than what you’ve tried is to download a little app called DDU. It is for removing all traces of GPU drivers when you are having issues related to them. MAKE A BACKUP BEFORE USING IT, unless you are an advanced user and tinkerer. I haven’t had any issues whatsoever on my 290 since I’ve been on Crimson 16.5.1 hotfix drivers.

DDU link - Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) V15.7.5.5 Released. (Stable) - Wagnardsoft Forum

Ive used that before… idr the game but it didnt work, so ill jus sit back and wait for a update to the beta. im over troubleshooting all this for a beta that i cant use my g27 on :frowning: thank you for the advice tho!

It works fine on my XFX 390x after installing the right drivers and a fresh apex install.

When that error pops up hold pg up (or pg dwn cant remember which one) when you press the quit button and it should bypass the abort

wow… what in the… lol it worked hahah
Pressing page up did it. thanks!

this looks wayyyy better than on x1, wow

Super Nintendo cheat codes also work on PC as you can see :slight_smile:

apparently so lol