Saving Livery Freezes Game

Anyone else having trouble with the game getting stuck on the saving screen when you go to save a livery or to load it onto your car?
I’ve lost all my work a few times now and it’s terribly frustrating.

If there are any lower case a’s imported from other Forza games that would be your problem. Otherwise I don’t know.

I’m having the same issue… I have no lower case a’s within my file name. I’ve even altered it, and changed the name yet still freezes… A tad frustrated… FRDT Pat tried to help with this info, however it just didn’t work for me. Any other suggestions? I also lost my winning livery I shared in FM5 due to this…

Read the stickied paint Faq’s - it’s not the filename that needs to have no lower case a’s it’s the lower case a’s from the fonts tabs 1 or 7 in the design itself.

Remove/ replace those and you can put them back in once you have the design imported to fm6.