Saving Designs Help Regarding Rims and Kits

Im pretty sure this question has been asked so many times but reason being that Forza just updated their forums i can’t find the old post with the same question I have.

Every time i save my design with its customized rims, aero, body kits it seems that it turns my car back to stock when i try to share it but when i search for other people’s design they seem to have no problem uploading their designs with the rims, kits, etc. but mines just reverts itself back to stock but with its customized paint job.

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Yes I would like to know the answer to this too.

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Would like to know this aswell, searched to no avail, so hope someone can answer.

Someone tell us how to do it please

Could be that your shared designs appear to be on stock setup to you but appear to be upgraded to others? Which car models have you shared designs for so we can look?

Note that this is just for display in Recommended Designs - buying designs does not install the parts.

If you search for your designs in the storefront they probably show as upgraded, but in my designs they show up as stock, mine do anyway.

yes for some reason your own designs show with stock rim and kits in my designs. but as mexico says it does show with rims and kits for everyone else online

Wud like some body kits for more cars n rims please

Some one look for my Lotus Exige S, does it show wings on it? Because it doesn’t for me when I search for it, even though I designed it with wings on it.

Shows no wing or aero, shows it stock. :frowning:

Thanks well there goes that theory, that the creator can’t see it but others can.

When you create the car, SAVE the Tune and also Share that up. Include “See My Tune” or something like that in the description line That way if they like your Design, they may also go get your Tune.

Yea that’s a good idea Snowowl I have a tune shared for that car too but didn’t put that in the description. Never the less there still must be some trick to get option parts showing in the thumbnail piant picture, the mystery continues.

Was upset not to find an answer here. But I think I found the answer. I believe all you have to do is upgrade your car 1st before painting. I did a trial and seemed to work! Good luck and happy racing/tuning/painting!

That doesn’t seem to work for me. I always upgrade my car first (and save the tune) before I get around to painting it. I bought the 08 viper a while back trying this and other methods and couldn’t get it to work no matter what I tried. I bought viper with stock red paint, then put the front wing on and saved the tune right away. I then went into paint mode and put 1 decal on it saved the paint and in the picture there is no wing.

Maybe it has to do with which car you use. What car did you use, what steps did you do to get it to work?

wait do you only need to upgrade and then paint or do you have to save the tune first before you start painting=

Is there something else you did we are missing? I have tried this but it does’nt seem to work.

I’ve been having trouble with this as well. I git it to work last night. I bought a new car of the same type, upgraded it, shared the tune, brought over the design and saved it as new. When I switched over to my fiance’s profile and seconded by another friend and the design thumbnail had the correct wheels, bumpers, etc. Not sure if this works every time or was just a fluke. I also realize this is not a great fix for expensive cars but mine was luckily cheap.

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The 1st car i painted was the Toyota GT86 & for some reason the kit shows on that when i search for it. wasn’t a problem. The next paint on the BRZ i followed the exact same procedure but this time no aftermarket bits when i search. I’ve unshared it & tried everyway possible to get the kit to show, buying a brand new BRZ & then upgrading it with the saved tune then adding the livery, even building one from scratch again then saving that tune, shared it then tried to add the paint afterwards, still nothing.
Very annoying as they look rubbish stock.

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maybe someone from turn 10 could enlighten us

im in the dark on this one

is it a glitch or something we dont understand

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