Saved data corrupted

Well im saved files corrupted today im really sad and mad at the same time I hope T10 Can fix this problem or maybe something in return Ive spent many hours on this game like a lot just like everyone else Now its just all gone

Yeah its no fun! Did you delete your local file and reload from the cloud?
It takes hours and hours to DL the cloud file so be patient. Search the forums for instructions. If the cloud game is corrupt too you gotta delete and start from the beginning again.

I was at level 255, 375 cars and 33 million credits and lost it all. I’m back up to lvl 111 now and having a blast replaying the game. The good news is all of my dlc’s and achievements were available.

I don’t think I did, but please tell me how because I remember going to manage game for forza and seeing my saved game file

Delete the game file you found and then re start the game. Do not delete cloud at this time.
It will now load the game from the cloud. Leave your controller plugged in to usb and go for a walk cuz it will take hours to finish. It will look like it freezes around 100% but ignore that and let it finish. Once its done restart the game. If it still reports “invalid profile” you will need to delete local and cloud and start over.

Thank you so much man you don’t know how happy I am right now

During the process, even if it says that you can “now play the game” do NOT do it. Wait for 100% completion of ALL downloads and updates.

Thanks man for all the help