Save Wheelspins?

Will wheelspins auto-redeem EVERYTIME I level up during a race? or will they stop auto-redeeming at some point?

I wish this was an option instead of auto-redeeming.

I don’t remember Horizon 2 doing this?

Yeah, FH2 worked the same way - no difference. I guess they do it that way cause rewards prizes are somehow contextual or based on a confluence of driving skillsets plus chance.

You don’t have to auto-redeem? You can just ignore the notification and it’ll go away

The ones after racers are auto redeemed. the ones you get from skill xp you can save up. You can also get a skill that’s lets you purchase Wheelspins for $50,000 without VIP bonuses.

on a side note i think im curesed,. 90% of the time i ‘win’ the lowest dollar amount hahahaha