Save tunes in FH3 not showing in FH4


I have some tunes saved in FH3 but none of them are visible within the FH3 tunes tab in FH4.

Is there a trick to making them available?

Mine too for some reason. The change in the FE card makes them not carry over. The tiger is showing up, but I cannot load it in 4 because it says it has incompatible parts.

I stop even looking fh3 tunes, most of them i wasn’t able to load because they have change some parts and some pi was so different so it was easier to make new tune. Jaguar d-type is only one that i have actually download for fh3 tunes.

I’ve never had a single tune stay the same - not one! Every tune either has “incompatible parts” or it’s in a different class. I still transfer some of them so I don’t have to retune them though.

At least paint designs carry over pretty much flawlessly…