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Savage Drift

Elite 12s - Leader/Founder
TruE Elder - Co-Leader
diz fast panda - Co-Leader
MrTupas - Driver
AfroThunder 206 - Driver
Walkers Legend - Driver
Hii iM DusTin - Driver

Updates to come

Nice to see you still active :slight_smile: give us a shout if you need any help with banners etc

If you want one give us a shoot, designing is one of my jobs (Y)

We’re still active but just barely haha. Don’t do very much on this forum in all honesty.

I think I still have our old banner from the old forum. But we may need some new ones.

Darin, yall dont even know it

Well I might know if you would inform me of what I need to know of lol.

If you have drift cars that need to be given away and you have an open position that needs to be filled than message me

Thanks Josh.
And Tango, we don’t really “formal” hold tryouts. We just drift with people. If we enjoy hanging out with them, we may give them an invite to the group.

No probe ill have something done for you by the end of the weekend, whats happening with you in terms of VDL?

Talking with the team right now to see if there will be enough people to participate when the time comes. I didn’t realize it started around Spring time and unfortunately we are all most active around winter time to pass the time until Spring/Summer comes around so we can go and play with our real cars lol. How many drivers would we need for it just so I know the minimum I need before we sign up.

4-5 so they can be cycled