( S800 ) BMW M1 1981 Leaderboard Tune

Hi Everyone, Ive tuned my BMW M1 1981 Car, And got some impressive Times (For me) ,

Been Tested by Sash, Proxy Skillshot , and V12 Sch1wo, And Posted even faster times then me, And great feedback.

There are 2 Tunes, V2 Has a little bit higher top speed, Better for spa bathurst , Bit stiffer at the front.

TOP 50 Little less speed, but same tune, Its also a little softer at the front end

Stats - Speed 8.0

  • Handling 5.9
  • Acceleration 9.3
  • Launch 9.1
  • Brake - 6.3

Bathurst - 01.59.709 - 21st on Leaderboard

Sebring - 02.00.641 - 39th on Leaderboard

Road America - 02.03.661 151th on Leaderboard

Spa - 02.17.125 62th on leaderboard

Search my Gamertag - NEO SEAN

Let me know what you guys think.

I gave your TOP 50 setup a run around Spa and took 3 seconds off my pb. Great tune Neo, it handles really well and was a pleasure to drive. Well done! I must give V2 a try :slight_smile:

Thank you moss. i appreciate your reply, hope many people enjoy the tune!

I love V2 and its ultimate fast stiff handling!

I will maybe never reach times like you, but this car is nearly unbeatable in online lobbies. I managed to drive on #130 at Yas Marina Full while driving online. The best ranking i’ve ever reached on any track so far and the 2nd fastest BMW M1 on this track. I also improved every S time on every track i was driving today.

Thanks a lot for this. I feel ready to attack the Top100 now and had a lot of fun today after a few weeks Forza stop. Keep up the good work and let us be a part! You’re liked and followed!

Fantastic smog!, really appreciate the feedback, im really glad its working for you. great time! Best thing with the tune, theres always time to be had if you keep pushing!

Thanks for the follow!,

There are plenty more Reworked tunes, Including Aston martin DBS , And alpha 8C. All for s class. Give them a try, and let me know!

Thanks again smog.

I got whooped the other day by one of these on Spa. I’m grabbing me this!

Enjoy it sketchy, let me know what you think!

I’m gonna get me some pay back! It was Danze78 as I remember that beat me. Just checked the LB he’s like 15th lol

He’s very quick, im not sure what tune he is using, but its damn quick. this BMW isn’t far behind him.

The v2, is the one i set my times!