S800 AWD Mercedes CLK GTR w/Paint

So I lied when I said I wouldn’t tune this car anymore, what wrong with me!?, and have come across some interesting results in improving this build/tune. I’m nearly finished a nice new paint for the car and better tune so watch out for that. I’ll update the OP very soon with details


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Cool,will give it a try next time i race S online.

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Likewise with your tunes Swift,

all of my builds/tunes for this car have included Stock Tyres and this is no exception but unlike the RWD, this AWD holds great in turns with them, there’s a lovely little bit of slip in the Rear(as to be expected with stocks) but the front always pulls and keeps it in line. It makes for a car that you can drive a lap or so with and start really pushing, it’s consistant and versatile! It does a 6:50 on the ring but when I ran testing in the first Nasty comp this time would have been close to my best among those AWD beasts. I wonder what a faster driver like Yourself, RB77, SCH1WO, etc could do with it, for instance RB77 did a 6:44 in JEZNASTY’s Skyline and I did a 6:50 in it. It’s gonna my main S Class car now for sure as I just love the look and the sound and provided the tracks aren’t too small or LeMans etc you’ll see me online in it. It also has 5th and 6th stretched slightly and this made a big time difference on the laps at Nur. Moved it from a 53 runner to that 6:50.

Anyway I hope those who DL’d it just get online and drive the pants off it haha and the paint is truly awesome, I should XBox message this guy and congratulate him.



Just downloaded tune and paint (which looks great, thanks for the lead) as well. Will take it for a spin at the Ring.

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Great job with this tune! I really enjoyed driving this car at the Ring. It feels a lot better than your previous version. Easy to handle for me being still a little bit of a newbie, and, my driving skills not being at the level of all of you. I felt more comfortable (due to it’s stability) pushing this car than many of my S-class tunes. Again, GREAT JOB!

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Thank you for the positive feedback PR I’m glad you like it and that you’ve had fun driving it. The car is more stable isn’t it and that paint is just simple, classic and very tidy. I was gonna copy it to do my own but why bother that one is perfect.

Yeah, this car is definitely more stable (including your A-class tunes) than previous versions. Loved the ride…especially for a novice driver. Highly recommend it for beginners as well!

As you mention, the paint is very simple, yet, it has a “nice” touch…and not over the top, at times people go crazy with way too much stuff!

Again, thanks for sharing!

Regards Buddy!


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