S2 Opt out?

I get it. I’m too old to compete with the youngsters. Or maybe its not age, but an undiagnosed brain condition.

Whatever it is, S2 class racing is a pointless, frustrating waste of time that I’d really like to be able to opt out of. The racing line is a theoretical construct and I’m lucky to be on the road, never mind making the apex of the corner. I brake for corners super early, I brake for them very very late. Almost never just right. And thats not me trying different lines and braking points, that’s me trying the same line, with the same braking point.

Up to S1 I am holding my own and improving in Online Adventure. Against Drivetars, in a car I’ve tuned myself I can reliably win now up to expert without using Rewind.

Put me in an S2 car and against even Easy opponents, the only way I eventually complete a weekly challenge is to rewind every other corner over and over and over until I manage to hit the corner in the right gear, at the right speed, pointing the right way.

Short of some as yet undiscovered radical brain rejuvenation therapy I don’t see this getting any better. Is this just me or do other people struggle with S2 class racing this much?

You can already opt-out. What are you asking specifically?

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Do custom Adventure and you won’t have to worry about it.

It probably depends on how long you have been using a controller. I’ve played games since 1980, and I’m 56 years old… I find S2 easy even on Unbeatable mode. In fact I try to make the game harder, by helping the Ai to get round the track without crashing.

My tips would be to brake less, and to use AWD cars, turn early, and if you are pointing at a wall you should skid past it, and if it looks like you are turning before the checkpoint that is OK you allow for some skid. Then if you still look like you have turned too early you hit the E-Brake, and the E-Brake skids you a bit more into the checkpoint. I usually want to hit the inside flag of a checkpoint so that my skid will make it all the way around the bend. If you are then skidding off the track around the bend you need to swing the back end around with the E-Brake, and then apply full throttle. The full throttle counts as a third brake.

It’s going to take some time to get used to, but oddly the Goliath is one of the easiest tracks, so you can practice on that… and make money, and influence points.

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GreenZombie, I’m with you. I appreciate your frustration. I’m an old-timer myself, and when I get up into the S1 and S2 classes things just happen too fast for my old and slow reflexes. So I just compete down in the D and C classes mostly, solo since the player list never has anyone else down at my level, and have a grand time racing at pro level against the AI. It seems to me that you win just as much money winning a D class race as you do an S2 race. I chassis-tune them and run with stock tires and usually stock engines. At that pace I can concentrate on developing muscle memory with the controller, and refining my braking and my line. Since driving clean is important to me, I work a lot on clean passes and clean laps, giving the drivatards plenty of room.

For developing consistency, I find that running rivals can give you all the practice laps you could ever want, as long as you don’t worry about beating them but just concentrate on smooth driving and improving your lap times. I’ve also created some 12-lap custom races at circuits that I have particular troubles with, drive them against medium competition so that I break out quickly into the lead, and make plenty of money running what amounts to practice laps.

And I also drive with the braking line on. At this age I just don’t have the memory skills that let me memorize the fastest way around all these courses.


I don’t do lot of S2 myself but I find it quite difficult. Street Races have random variables by their nature, winter makes everything even more random and so on.

Difficulty is bit weird IMO. Take S1 900 Pagani and it’s actually quite good experience, then take Ferrari F12tdf S2 901 and it was a lot more difficult, very different kind of experience. In the end I don’t feel like S2 difficulty is necessarily consistent with S1 and below. Route selection starts to matter too. Ambleside Ascent for example is great and fun race on lower classes, but on S1+ it becomes something very different. The Marathon is pretty good with almost anything though.

I think Road Racing might be where it is for S2. I didn’t had any difficulties winning Road championship on current playlist which I did with some stock AWD Lambo. I think part of it was that there aren’t many elevation changes on those races.

I might try AWD’s on Edinburgh area Road Races, any circuits without much elevation changes at first. Then do some fun routes like Lake District Sprint and leave stuff like Waterhead Sprint for when you feel like you are more familiar with car you are using and speed in general.

Nothing wrong enjoying lower classes! I race them the most and my latest discovery was that '59 Cadillac is actually really great Street Scene car, unless there is a Peel P50 in Drivatar lineup though.

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