S14 Discussion

I’ve just got the S14 and it appears there’s no AWD swap for it. Is that a bug or intentional?

Still, badass car.

Excuse the naked paintjob, waiting for the livery store to start filling up.


Do you like the S14? :slight_smile: Forza Horizon 3: Nissan S14 / Full Customization Guide / Special Car (How to) - YouTube

Its not that great and honestly doesnt look that cool either imo. They shouldve done a different year or a different car altogether. I like how they picked a runer though. Hopefully there will be more.


My thoughts exactly.

It sounds alright - nice and throaty, but it feels like any other generic B Class to me :slight_smile:

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And yet it’s been perhaps the most requested car of the series. The drifters will love it. It’s a real world icon.

In this game, it makes a good B class asphalt car

Welcome to my world and thoughts with the FD RX7. Why pick a 97 base model? So many better versions out there (93 R1, 99spec, Spirit R, Bathhurst edition)

Thats one thing I never understood, the Spirit R in Forza 4 was superior in every way. The Stock one looked cooler and is a real icon. It even had more bodykits to install. I may have been a unicorn, but why not replace the future RX7 with the Spirit R? Same with the S14. So much potential. Add a bodykit with the Kouki front. Oh well, I still like the car.

It is missing the kouki bumper. why

It’s a S14. Why did you expect anything than what you would be expecting beforehand.

Maybe that hype made you expect anything different? It’s the car you’ve been asking for.

Regardless, great car to build. This is the kind of vehicle you rarely find untouched in real life. This is a true tuner’s car.


I think it’s also nice to have a good amount of parts to choose from :slight_smile:

I expected nothing more than what I said above.

Me and Silvias never mixed - never took much interest. The hype of the S14 had me hoping for more, so it sort of fell through to not a lot (imo) - I’m slightly let down.

Why would the hype have you expecting more? It’s a S14. I know you weren’t expecting this to be a sports car, now.

The bottom line is that it’s a S14. If you don’t like it, cool, but if you wanted a S14, now you have it.

It should have got the RB Boss kit.

Maybe that we get kouki and zenki versions

Not at Xbox at the moment Which does it have instead? V1?

The boss kit is absolutely disgusting

Its alright good amount of customisation though tbh I prefer its fellow silvias then again im more of an american muscle/classic car person

I’m ambivalent. The biggest appeal for me was the challenge (75k) but after wasting time training that challenge has been totally removed (35k).

Noting stopped you from doing that. I did a 100k plus drift and trust me that’s superb for me.

It’s about as good as I expected. I really hate the Rocket Bunny kit, though. I would’ve rather had this:

I’ll just keep mine stock.

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