S’s are the worst letters

Followed closely by lower case a’s

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I think they’re the easiest by far.

I stick to 5 shapes max, usually less.

This is very crude but i’m just showing you basics I use to make mine

Not sure I follow what you’re up to here, is it possible to set up the seperate parts in diff colors? This is great though always trying to figure out ways to streamline the process.

I’d say right now S’s are about 12-15 shapes, using mostly quarter circle x4, reverse quarter circle x4, straight line with hook x4, misc shapes to fill the gaps.

Here’s how I make them. You may need to slow the video down to catch it.

Ill check this out later on the laptop, cant figure out if possible to slow down yt vids on the phone

Nice! How do you make video playback so fast?

Capture Card + Adobe After Effects :wink:

Right. That’s a lot more “pro” than I can justify to myself :slight_smile: