S Class Tag

How can someone use Lotus superlite track car and bring it into tag. Magically never lose grip, turn on a dime all the time, and accelerate. Then when someone confronts them about ruining the fun in tag for using a vehicle like that in tag, say “It’s just a game don’t take it seriously”.

No one was taking it seriously but you just ruined the whole game for everyone using a proper fun car like a ford falcon or Mitsubishi GTO. There needs to be a limit to the types of cars you can bring into tag. The Lotus Elise GT1 in S class is like the X Class Renault before tag was restricted. Like the X class it ruins tag. You can’t have fun when someone is on your back constantly that you can’t shake off.

It is a game
Tag is not realistic
So now that person cant have their fun because you said so…sounds like double standards

Think about how you played it at school when you were a kid, you tried all you could to get away from the person who was it.

If the person who was ‘It’ was the fat kid then everyone would mess around and take it a bit easier and if you were chasing the fat kid you knew it would be a bit easier to get them.
If the person who was ‘It’ was the fast kid who was good at sports you knew you had your work cut out to try and evade or catch them.

Forza is no different - you can have an agile, fast sports car or you can have a heavier, slower battering ram.
The beauty of Forza is you can take on whatever role you want depending on your car choice.

Just beacuse you aren’t having fun doesn’t mean other people aren’t either.
If you’re not having fun then play something else. If enough people feel the same then T10 will see the player numbers drop and the game mode fail.

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It would be more competitive if turn 10 would have tag on different tracks like FM4 because In my opinion that same airport hanger track is boring I’m sure it is to alot others.
Fm3 and FM4 had tag on tracks with less narrow space so it makes more competitive and not the same old tracks all day

So, they didn’t adhere to your imaginary rules, and somehow that’s their problem?


If Tag was on actual tracks instead of the same old airport map, I’m sure whatever car is used wouldn’t matter