Ryan Tuerck's FR-S

I heard from HumidLlama and Bxrdy that it would come, and then i mean the whole car, nott just a paint. Is this true? HumidLlama said we would get news on Monday.


Seems like it. We’ll just have to wait and see, though.

This is what he posted, and yet Forza doesn’t stream on Mondays. Maybe he’ll be in the Rear View Mirror?


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Source: Facebook (via GTPlanet)

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It looks like it. I originally tweeted screenshots of Ryan’s post, as well as him saying “yes” to it coming in a car pack, to Bxrdy and all we can do now is hope to get a spec drift car in game

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Was the livery thats being revealed on monday made by a painter here in the community?

Well if it is it’s none of the usual known Drift Replica painters.

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Ah ok thanks guys! hope we get to see it in game

Slap Train’s a YouTuber, not a forum regular.

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I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t be painting it anyway, he’s not a painter or tuner for that matter

I really am thinking we will get that widebody FR-S soon, or not.

slaptrain doesnt give a flying **** about competetive drifting, why the hell did they get him for it?


Because whether you like him or not, he has a huge following of subscribers on Youtube and Turn 10 want exposure for this and he is the biggest Youtube “Drifter”. I use the word drifter lightly


i wouldnt even use the word drifter


He’s got followers.

DLC and tie-ins need marketing.

It’s just business.

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Very true words mate. In order to ‘sell’ your product, you DO need to get as much exposure as possible. To do that, you need to have a good ‘hook’ to your target audience. That target audience isn’t the dedicated gamers on this forum.

It’s the other tens of thousands of gamers they spend most of their collective time surfing YouTube and generally regarded as casual gamers.

They represent a greater number of purchasers than the dedicated ones. (Don’t blow a gasket… Real racers are in here daily or at the least, several times a week…the other greater number aren’t in here)

You only need to check with gaming stores and see what type of gamers come in, their expenditure rate and the number and styles of games they play/buy…

The best way to attract those buyers is via their main source of information, YouTube and Twitter/InstaGrame etc are the sources to harness.

So it makes sense to use a “popular” YouTube celeb to sell your wares…been if he’s not a “real” drifter…


If T10 wanted an actual drifter, then they should have gone to EKdrifter, MrAreoHD or Spitsy. If it was a youtube celeb with a big following they wanted, then why not go to someone like Pewdiepie. Or they could have gone with Vintage Beef or failrace, as those two can actually string together a coherent sentence; and I believe they have both worked with T10 before? I know for sure Vintage Beef has with “Forza Fuel”. Even StellaStig would have been a far better choice.

Slaptrain isnt really liked by the competitive drifting community, as he used to have a habit of coming to the forums and begging for idea’s when his channel was still really small; and then not give any credit for those idea’s. As well as taking idea’s from smaller Forza youtubers and running with them, again, not giving credit where it was due.

Regardless however, it is nice to see a potentially new car come to the game that is actually aimed at drifters.


Him being a furry limits his audience (most people hate furries), and it’s difficult to understand him because of the accent.

Not a fan of him, but I do respect him. He’s an alright guy. And he makes good posts here on the forums.

He was actually the first guy that came to my mind. Lol


Alex is a bit controlling at times and usually too monotone, but FailRace is an excellent channel.

And evidently not by Turn 10 themselves because he’s banned from these forums.

I hate him myself and for good reason… Awhile back someone on here challenged him to a drift battle, and Slap went and made a YouTube video replying to it. I was the last post in the thread, so my name appeared below the thread title. The genius couldn’t look a couple inches to his right and see “OP is SoAndSo123,” nope, he thought I was the OP. He went through the entire thread talking nothing but trash on everyone, then got to my post and told everyone to “Spam the **** outta this *****!” Explaining that a drift battle would be a “Waste of his time.” But I guess making a 20 minute video of cursing and smack talk is time well spent! He finished my post off by saying “I’ve course I’m modding! What are you, stupid?!” in response to me saying “I think he may be modding because his ZL1 is missing its rear spoiler.” (I had forgotten that was an upgrade option.)

He’s a living embodiment of everything that’s wrong with the drift community. He’s hilariously immature and narcissistic, and his fanbase reflects his personality.

Brilliant work on Turn 10’s part selecting him to represent Forza drifters! /s


Honestly I liked him a little bit back in the early forza 4 days but then he started using his channel to promote modding on fm4 because it had gotten boring or some bs. I know it wasn’t him in the videos was some guy called destroyer but if its on your channel it represents you.
Also yeah his audience is mostly as immature as he is(Teamslap on facebook is just kids posting ferrari’s saying look at my new car) so I so to be honest I dunno how you can count them as fanbase to say that he is a great business choice for T10.

All in all any of the above listed youtubers would have been miles better.

This is my opinion though and no doubt someone isn’t going to like this but I you don’t have to agree.


I can understand that, as people do like to hate on furry fandom. As for EK’s accent, not really an issue.

He is one of the best Forzas drift youtubers about, and would have added a lot more to that livestream than slap did.

Spitsy is one of the most well known drifters about, but then that is because he is really good at it. He hasn’t really posted much stuff for FM6 though, so it is highly possible he has just moved on from the franchise.

That is who Slap is essentially trying to copy, what with all the incoherence that comes from the both of them.

He has a fairly decent youtube following to be fair. But as I said, there was also Vintage Beef; who has worked with T10 in the past on Forza Fuel. He would have been a good youtuber to have picked in this regard.

It was most likely the moderators on here that banned him, so not really a sign on how T10 themselves feel about Slap.

As for the rest of it, this is exactly why Slap has barely any respect from the actual drifting community (not that there is much of that community left now).

It is what is it though, and T10 are going to work with the people they believe can benefit them.