I’m confused as,to why Mazda Rx7s are worth more than they are. I know that you can set the buy out and start bid high by being a legendary tuner, but WHY are they so high? Why exactly have they inflated so much. You can do the midnight race to get it. I’m confused.

Greedy sellers just wanting to hoard cash from those cars.


A lot of people want multiple cars for different paint schemes…conversions…wide body kit…etc…

Yeah, unfortunately that’s the answer. I have 8 RX7s for that main reason. I have them set up for different classes with different motors. People exploit the rareness of them in the game and sell them for crazy prices. I’ve been luck to find mine for cheap (19-120k). It takes time and luck to snag them quickly enough from the greedy flippers.

You can get two from the midnight battle.

I think l own four. Sniped from AH exploiters.

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How do you get more then one from winning the races? I thought once you’ve beaten them that’s it.

There was a point in time where you could run the races again to get each car a second time after patches. I don’t know if that is still true, but its how I got multiple copies of the same car.