Rx7 & s14

I have got both of theses cars now after doing the races to win them. My question is can you get more than one of each car? As I want a bunch of the same cars

You can buy them from other players in the auction house.

Yes, there are always players who don’t want their cars and sell them from the AH.

The S14 might also return on future Forzathon events, if the event itself is different I assume you can win the S14 a second time.
I don’t know about the RX-7 but the Murcielago is also a Midnight battle event and I have won that from a wheelspin as well, so I had it twice (and sold one on the AH since 1 is enough for me). I have not yet see the RX-7 appear on wheelspins though but who knows, it might change in the future. The friday update also added the G65, SL65 and XJ220 on the wheelspin which I had not seen there before either.

Ok cool I will keep an eye on the wheel spin and maybe grab a few in the AH thank you for the replays and info :+1: