RWD understeer BMW M3 2008

Hi, I found a way to get rid off oversteer somehow by softening the rear bars quite a lot. Now I face the problem of heavy understeer especially at corner entry when I go off the gas. It feels like all the weight shifts towards the front, what makes it very hard to steer in. I tried shifting the braking balance towards the rear a lot, but that only works as soon as I start to brake actively. So that massive understeer occurs when I go off the gas

Sry for bad english, but has anyone an Idea how to fix that?

Thank you! <3

What class is the car for (A, S1, etc), and what terrain is the build?(I’m assuming street, but just to be sure)

S1880 / Street :slight_smile:

I don’t recommend building this car for S1900 without downforce. Even with a wing, the chassis can’t handle the amount of power. S1 class builds for that M3 should be drift builds mostly.

I’d keep it in A800 with full weight reduction and Sport tires. Reset tune to default and run low diff values like 30/30 or so.

Well thank you, I did what you said but and yes it’s way better to drive that car at A800, it finally does what it should haha

But what exactly is the reason for this? As you can see I’m no expert at all, just curious. Because even when I take the same corner with both cars at the same speed, the A800 turns in, the S1900 won’t… is that due to the bigger engine, that has more weight?

I just don’t understand it

Softening the rear anti-roll bar will cause understeer, especially off-power. You might want to find a different way to eliminate your on power oversteer.

My top suggestions are raising your acceleration differential or getting more disciplined on throttle control on corner exits (making it an in cockpit issue as opposed to a tuning issue).

There are other ways those are just my suggestions.

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I suggest raising the rear ABR back up, that has a huge impact on off power under/oversteer. To manage on power over/understeer I rely on the diff. For RWD I often end up with accel lock lower than decel lock depending on class for street racing, but in general I start with angel at 50, decel at 40 and adjust from there.

Car too skittish under breaking and off power lower decel. Understeer off power increase rear ABR and/or rear springs and bump setting. Understeer on power corner exit increase front diff lock, too much oversteer lower.

I only get the right amount of oversteer when I increase the throttle, but as soon as it comes to deceleration the car won’t turn in, feels like the problem is in the front of the car.

Of course my driving isn’t always perfect but I promise, something doesn’t feel right in the front end. Car reacts good but it doesn’t want to steer in as much as I want. I have wider tires in the back but Front tires set back to default

Regards and thank you!

Try running less accel and decel, more rear arb, and bump your rear rebound up 2-3 points, and bump front bump up 1.5-2 points. If you get too much power on oversteer, decrease accel more, increase front rebound 1-2 points and decrease rear bump.