RWD Drift Zone Scoreboard plz

Im a RWD only drifter, and i have the game purely to drift. DISCLAIMER: I dont hate those who drift in 4WD cars! Im a fan of Ken Block for a reason. But im a bigger fan of RWD :slight_smile:

99 % of top table in drift zones are 4wd cars with 1k hp +, Hoonicorns, Vipers, etc.

Not saying its “wrong” to drift in a 4wd, but its not realistic at all. Would be cool too see RWD scoreboard as a feature, so we can see who REALY knows how to handle a car. Let the salty tears flow. Send them to me and ill drink them :wink:

99 % the reason i have all the Forza games is because of drifting with RWD cars. Since Forza 4, Fujimi track - with 370z RWD, only a handfull of people will get to the top / bottom without crashing / touching the rails. (While drifting that is…) Im one of them. If you dont know this track, dont speak. Forza Horizon made it more “friendly” to drift. But its still challenging enough to set apart the “noobs” from the “pros”. Not saying im a pro, but i know how to do a backwards entry in F4, i think that should be good enough. Horizon, thats easy, especialy with the drift cars / drift suspension and a random setup.

Please, give us a filter for RWD only cars in drift zones. Also maybe Drag stripes RWD only? Not a dragster so ill keep myself outa that one.

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I couldn’t agree more.

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Not a bad idea, im behind it.

Fortune island has a nice “little Kaido” in its road, pretty fun to do.
I’ve done myself some top 1% in many game on drift score, varying from AWD (mostly required for the 1% sadly) to many RWD build. I’ve vipered myself in the festival circle into the top 1% if you ask.

Althought, i dont know for others, but my AWD build are mostly 85-92% rear power distribution, wonder if others do it like that?

Drag should have it too, and why not extend this to Pioneer (fortune island) and speed radar (the thing that it take your average speed).

I kinda enjoy rwd drift, its satisfying to do. Ask my RX-7, Miata and Challenger :slight_smile:

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When I make a drift build it’s usually AWD with the power set 90% to the rear. I prefer just that little bit more stability and control.

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