Run out of gas

Does the player achievement “Run out of gas” work. If so, how do you know you ran out of gas? How do you know how much gas you have?

I set up a 6 lap free play race on the Indy oval using D class cars. After 6 laps my car began slowing down unexpectedly. I thought I was running out of gas. I did not get the badge, so I upped the laps to 8. The car still ran poorly after 6 laps, but I still didn’t get the badge. I then upped the laps to 25. After 9 laps the car was barely running. I pulled into the pits on tap 13. I was sure I was out of gas. I pitted again at lap 19 and finished the race. I didn’t get the badge.

How do you know you ran out of gas? I was racing in a Ford Escort with a gas gauge on the dash. It showed full when the car was running poorly. I looked through the telemetry and didn’t see anything that indicated the gas level. Nothing else on the telemetry showed there was a problem with the car. The tires were about 14% worn. That was the biggest issue but it shouldn’t have caused the car to run poorly.

I am at a loss. I tried searching on the Forza Motorsport 5 discussion for information on this and the results were not at all related to the search. That seemed odd. I search for “run out of gas”.

Any information would be appreciated. Thank in advance.

Hehe, you’re going to facepalm…There is a fuel gauge on the hud. :wink:

I’ll have to go look to tell you the exact position, has fuel doesn’t usually come into play much for me, but it’s a white bar on the speedo. It’ll get shorter has the fuel burns, but frankly it takes a long time in most cars.

Edit- The fuel gauge is the white bar/line right directly under the gear number on both the analog and digital versions of the hud.

Another thing, this performance drop you mention. You’re not spending a lot of time redlining the engine or something by any chance are you? That sounds more like damage than it does a fuel issue. I know you said the telemetry wasn’t showing any, but it sure sounds like it.


grab the ariel atom then go to rivals indy oval track and select a rival with a dirty lap time so any clean lap you run will beat them. use the cockpit view, it has a fuel gauge on the steering wheel. make sure you have damage set to sim so it uses fuel and tires. it should take you about 33 laps if i remember right. after you run out of gas just hit the pause button and select finish race. you have to finish the race out of gas so thats why it has to be rivals, other wise you might run out and not be able to make it to the finish line. use the atom because it has the working fuel gauge and runs out the fastest.

dont pit, you automatically refuel when you pit. an escort gets about 300 miles per tank or over 100 laps of the oval. with the indy car i ran it till the tires wore out so you would just slide to the infeild and couldn’t get back on the track so you were stuck, you had to quit without running out of gas. it took about 93 laps.

if this works like real life could you just not grab the hummer and do the same as it only does about 10mpg

am i missing something?

had a look through achievement list and cannot see “run out of gas”.

is it just a badge or an actual achievement?

Badge and title.

It’ll take a lot more than 6 laps at Indy to run out of gas. That’s only 12 miles or so.

My personal car can hit about 350 miles on a tank of gas.

I don’t know how accurately fuel consumption is modeled, but I would bet your best chance of running out of gas relatively quickly would be in a 60s-70s muscle car.

I just competed this badge and title. Took me 45 laps of Indy Loop in a stock Aerial Atom. Tyre wear was mid 40’s at the rear and 30’s at the front.
I’m a proper novice though so my quickest lap was 52 seconds

Thanks everyone for your input.

I completed it. I used a tuned Ariel Atom. It ran out of gas entering turn 1 on lap 50, giving me the badge. It completely ran out of gas between turns 3 and 4. I was racing a single average drivatar because I didn’t want to deal with passing. When the car ran out of gas, It coasted until it got down to 8 mph. Since I only had a quarter lap to go, I let it coast to the finish line. I had lapped the drivatar 5 or 6 times. It got 4 of them back before I coasted across the finish line. I got the gold medal! I didn’t expect that. It was a nice bonus.

I apologize for calling this an achievement in my first post. I knew it was a badge.

I forgot to mention the problem I was having with the Escort. I think it was a controller issue. The battery was nearly dead. I plugged it into the console. I ran two 10 lap races without a problem.

I still haven’t found the gas gauge in the telemetry. I now know what the bar beneath the gear number is. Thanks.

Yeah, I looked, but I don’t think it tells you in the telemetry.

Good to hear you’ve got it all sorted though, and congrats.

an escort is an economy car, high mpg is its selling point. it would take you forever. i went with indy car because i know they pit multiple timesevery race and the 500 is only a 200 lap race. never thought i was gonna burn the tires off before running out of gas and never thought that was gonna take over 90 laps. i dont think i found fuel in telemetry either so i left it on tires. at 98% wear all you do is spin off the last 2% without going anywhere and from what i could tell it stops useing fuel so i think fuel is still distanced based rather than rmp X displacement baseed

I used a fully upgraded Atom on the Old Mulsanne straight. I just went up and down the straight. I was done in just under 16 minutes.


I agree that the Escort was not the best choice. Running out of gas after 6 laps made no sense. However, there was no other indication at what was happening. I didn’t think about the controller.

What type of mileage does a Ford Escort get? Let’s say 30mpg highway doing 65mph. What type of mileage does it get doing 130mph? I was estimating 8 to 10mpg. How big is the fuel tank? I was guessing 50 liters which is 13.2 gallons. This ends up being 105 to 130 miles. 50 laps on the Indy oval is 125 miles. If I hadn’t run out of gas by lap 49, I planned to lap backward to use up the remaining fuel.

The reason I was using the Escort is I was trying to get to affinity level 25 with Ford. I was at 21 and thought this would easily push the affinity to 25. The car is also easy to drive. This was going to be a long race and I wanted something easy to drive. The only assists I have on are the braking line and automatic transmission which I could have turned off because you don’t shift a lot at Indy and the line is easy.

I just taped my controller so the atom would do donuts in the grass and walked away.


I used a modded henessey on indy oval, it didn’t take too long and also if you look after your tyres in the corners you can set scoreboard times just before you run out of fuel

You don’t have to finish the race to get the badge and title. Every cars fuel gauge works as far as I’ve seen. I’ve tested it in the r34 the boss 302 the #92 m3 and the atom. To get the badge and title I just got the atom and did donuts like the other guy did. As soon as your gas runs out the badge and title will unlock with a notification on the bottom of the screen

I didn’t even think to try this in a Rivals run where I could do unlimited laps around a track.

I attempted this in a Free Race at LeMans in an R18 with a very high-drag setup. First time I did it, I just ran until I saw the badge pop, but it didn’t stick because I didn’t finish the race. Second time around, I made the race 2 laps longer than when I ran out of gas the first attempt, got very close to empty and did donuts near pit in until the badge popped again. Hit the pit, gassed up and ran the last few laps to finish the race (also getting Audi to affinity 25 to complete Factory Legend) and the badge stuck.

dont sweat it true, i did and it still didn’t work because i ran out of tires first due to my poor car choice. those indy cars in the real races are pitting for tires not gas evidently.

I’ve been trying for this badge and title for ages and its not working. is it actually completable.