rumble strips on FM5

Ok so this is just a thought but dose anyone else in the forza community find the rumble strips of fm5 just a tad bit annoying? Just saying I have never seen any kind of racing where the rumble strips will turn you around as quickly as these do :-\ I think turn 10 should definatly do something about it… any takers?

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this thread will be locked. lol

but yes, compared to past games, the collision physics with other vehicles and environmental objects could have been more consistent.

No it won’t and I’ve asked you nicely to stop your constant criticism on the old forum and that doesn’t change here. Please stop.


What is this crap.

Moderator: Stop using open public forum to discuss issues and you’re own opinion about the game. I’m warning you.

Me: You’re dumb, its a public forum besides anything this person said ON THIS THREAD ONLY is not by any means criticism. And if it weren’t for constant criticism, how would the developers know what the general public opinion is. The Mods are seeming to forget the fact this is all OPINIONS. But that’s cool, I’m sure if the Mods don’t leave anything for us to read, they don’t have to worry about this pseudo-job that they have. AND ITS NOT AN OPINION IF IT IS PURE FACT THAT THE COLLISION PHYSICS IN FM5 ARE NOT CONSISTENT.

i appreciate your support, but i’m completely capable taking my own thoughts to TG via pm, and have done so because that’s the proper way to express a disagreement with a mod, and we’ve engaged in a productive conversation. an anger filled response like yours is counter productive. please be more mindful of how you support negative opinions.

on topic:
i don’t think the issue in this thread is that the rumble strips are unrealistic with their modelling, i think it’s that quite a few rumble strips have those random polygon errors that do unrealistic things to your cars. hence the inconsistencies i referred to.

Criticism is the only thing that will make this game better… and the people like a majority of the forza community that paid 90 bucks for a game that was only about half of the previous edition have earned the right to complain and criticize turn 10… and even if this thread dose get locked its no big deal…

I understand, and I hate them as well. Highly doubt anything would be done.
I have come to the conclusion, I have to learn what ruble strips I do not want to hit. and its a lot of em.

stay on the track and you will be fine.

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+1 . Plus who wants consistency. Id prefer accuracy

Consistency and accuracy are the same thing and they are the reason for the top 10 times I can run on a majority of the tracks on this game

Not really my point. But hey your only out to moan and apparently boast as no one here mentioned lap times or your position on the leaderboards so why would you take it for what it is.

Consistency - same forza physics in relation to kerbs/rumble strips from previous games

Accuracy - getting it more lifelike when you hit said kerb.

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I just have 2 things to say about this…

#1 If I really wanted to boast about my lap times I would post a different thread about it and yes I am a very fast driver on this games I dont need to brag about it my rivals times provide the information about that…
And #2 if you are trying to make a valid point why not elaborate on what you say first so it dosnt get miss understood…

Actually no I like the rumble strips in forza 5. Go on youtube and look up some racing crash compilations. You see it a lot more often than you would think. Some rumble strips can be hit and others if you go over them they hook your car and send you around. As if the car is bottoming out or your tires are too low profile and dragging the inner lip of your rim. I notice it a lot on silverstone and a lot on top gear. In the crash compilation videos online you see some of the same thing. Drivers getting to hot around the turn cross over the rumble strip and lose it as they try to make there way back to the track. You see it a lot at the nurbergring. So don’t be shocked when it makes it into the came and rumble strips are a big challenge.


I know what you are saying but my issue with them is I am off the throttle and only put one wheel on them most of the time and I am usually facing a wall mainly on sebring and Silverstone :-\

I have no problems with the rumble strips on Silverstone or Sebring (or any track for that matter) perhaps its the car setup you are using try turning the rear arb dow a tad that should help. Looks like a case of bad car setup so blame the track syndrome :slight_smile:

Apparently you didn’t do much racing in forza 4 and don’t know who or what O2R is. Trust me a bad car setup is not the issue. Maybe you just don’t run with no assists and simulation steering.

No need to be rude FYI i have been racing in Forza since Forza 2 and dont use assists. As i said i dont have a problem with the rumble strips.

I am not blaming the track… I have tried several different setups and Icannot find a solution to the problem… to be honest I am open to any susuggestions on what to do with the cars but like I said it is only certain tracks and no matter what car or setup I use I am still having the same problem

Yeah I see what you mean it happens to me on rumble strips too but for me just adds that extra challenge just like how the consiquences for putting a tire in the grass are way worse than forza 4. Just think it’s going to be one of those things we will have to just get used to. Kind of like the idiots that want to do nothing but crash EVERYONE and the other people who need to cut corners or wall ride to get in the front. It’s sad to say but I think it just comes with the territory now. I just like to think forza 5 is just forza 6’s BETA, but I’m diehard racing and diehard forza so I will just make the best of it.

Also where is the rest of your crew? I miss having people to race that can actually beat me. I want the challenge back. I’ve raced with you in forza 5 a few times and I just miss having the fast guys in forza and miss the actually conversations and social people lobbies.

I know how you feel I have had every single forza including horizion and I still keep buying them

Most of them dont have xbox one yet… but there are a couple of us on fm5… angus, birdman, mahanatan, and me I think are the only ones who have 5 at the moment