Rumble strips o' death

A few times when I’ve been playing online, I have been in a podium position, only to get defecated on by a rumble strip that decided to be the hand of God. Basically, what happens is that you drive over said rumble strip and it slows you down catastrophically and it’s almost like the underside of my car is grinding on the strips and it has resulted in me either spinning out or nearly doing a front flip from the sheer force of the car being slowed down. It is not just me who has encountered this problem, as a guy in the same race died because of it too.

It’s happened twice so far online, on the second corner of Lime Rock and the first hair-pin corner of the short Sebring track (both on the inside strips). I hope this gets investigated, because I can’t imagine it being like that by design.

Anybody else encountered this sort of phenomenon?


I’ve had that happen on some tracks, but also some rumble strips will make your car violently jump up when you run over them. I have to avoid the ones in the esses coming on to the back straight at Sebring because they upset the car way more than they should.

The Lime Rock one is definitely consistent - I’ve been avoiding it like the plague since noticing it, and I’ve seen many big accidents on it in multiplayer. Not sure if it is a glitch or an accurate model of a big divot, though.

First corner on Brands Hatch makes the right side of the car go up in the air fairly comically. Luckily it happens to the drivatars too, which is funny to watch when you’re following.

Some rumble strips are to be avoided due to the height or angle of said strips. And all of them can upset the balance of the car if your not careful. But there are a few in the game that I have hit which act like you hit a wall.

On Lime Rock there is 3 of these. The inside apex of the left hander, the track out rumble on the second to last right hander and the track out rumble strip on the final turn. I hit the second one once the car acted like it hit a corner and shot into the air at an aposing angle. I saved the replay to see what had happened thinking I bottomed out or hit a pot hole. To my serprise i had plenty of ground clearance, and there was nothing that I could see to account for what happened. I viewed the replay from many different angles without ever figuring it out.

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Yup, Looks like this is a recurring problem, I hope it gets fixed sharp… It’s ruining a lot of good races and causing a lot of crashes.

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