Rumble Stops Working After Doing Open Drift

This happens every time I do an open drift race when going back into freeroam. I have to quit and reload the game to get it back, have tried everything in-game and nothing works but reloading. Anyone else having this issue?

You know, I thought it was just the battery in my pad running out, but after doing it again yesterday with a pad hooked up via USB, I guess it was this bug causing the problems. I’ll file a ticket sometime later today.

it’s listed among the know issues.

“Controller - Controller vibration suddenly stopped working after being disconnected from an online session”


Yep, it’s aggravating…racing in a convoy, rumble works fine, race finishes and exit to free roam, rumble stops working…enter next race, rumble works…exit race, yep, rumble is stopped again

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I get issues where my force feedback on my wheel disappears until I reset the game. Maybe its related to the controller rumble issue??