Hello and welcome to my brand new challenge idea, Rules that Matter! I got the idea from a Minecraft YouTuber called Zisteau, and I’ve implemented it into Forza in a way that will hopefully be fun.
So, what is Rules that Matter?
Rules that matter is a series of races that will run for a little while, with the rules of each round being determined by a member of the community. However, in order to keep it fun, you have to stick to the restrictions from the previous weeks too. Over time, this will make it so that there is an oddly specific set of restrictions.
Who chooses the restrictions then?
Whoever comes first decides on a restriction to add to the list, while the person who comes second will decide on what class the race is in.
How is the track determined?
By yours truly.
How long does a round last?
A round lasts for 7 days (Tuesday to Tuesday) with a 1 week break inbetween each round - 3 days for the restrictor to decide, then 3 more for the class to be chosen, then 1 for me to organise it.

This week’s challenge[/center]**
Since this is the first week, the restrictions are as follows:
Class: A
Track: Camino Viejo De Monsterrat Extreme Circuit
So, you have 7 days.
Get racing!


Frikki Tikki | AMC Gremlin | 2:50.404
CFunk2001 | '05 WRX STI | 2:52.629
JazzyWriter3112 | 037 Stradale | 2:53.271
Wan Ge 1 | Ford Fusion | 2:54.114
CostlessCape92 | 997 SC | 2:54.666
voldermortt | Testa Rossa | 2:55.252
KoolIROCZ1967 | BMW M1 | 2:58.198

Dang, Yabush - I can barely keep up with ALL the Challenges being posted lately !! This is an EXCELLENT problem to have :+1:. Sounds like a pretty cool idea - count me in :wink:

Still plenty to do on the “4” :wink:

Was sad to see your other challenge end, but thrilled to see you fire up another! COUNT ME IN!!


Cool idea! I"ll let team mates know…

The comps a great excuse to get the dust off my Testa Rossa :slight_smile:

Got a 2:55 252 saved . Gonna see just how much i can improve

Can you give us a name for saved replays please . I will name mine RTM 1 fir this eeeks round .

Good shout, replays should be called RTM 1 yeah.
Also, might want to check that spelling.

This seems funny… I wonder what restrictions we will end up with… So… Count me in

Let start with some high acceleration. That would be a AMC Gremlin X equiped with the Javelin engine… 7.2L & 397hp.
Lap 3 – 2:50.404

My run so far, I may try to improve it. :slight_smile:

2:52.629 – Lap 2 – 2005 Subaru STI (RWD)

24 hours remaining!

Oh my - will make a run tonight after work :wink:

I’m sure she has more in her… and if I hadn’t let this pizza delivery man goad me into a jumping contest… yada yada yada

2010 Porsche 997 SC - 2:54.666 - lap2 - replay on SF



I’m in -
Lap 2 - 2:53:271
Lancia 037 Stradale

Thanks for the comp Yabush!

2:54.114 - lap 4

2010 Ford Fusion Sport

Replay on storefront also a pb on the leaderboard.

All I could muster is a 2:58.198 - '11 BMW M1 - replay posted…




And how’s this for a ‘pizza toss’ ??!! ;]


Ready for the next one, Yabush ;]

That’s all guys! I have PM’d the winner over the forums!