Rules of Engagement

Updated slightly 8/9/2016

With all the negativity that can come out of a forza experience I thought I would give out my 2 cents on how I try to make my experience as fun and exciting as possible. This is not an end all be all list but it is a list I race by. I hope by reading this it will help some new or even seasoned racers out there improve their experience. The hoppers are not the reason its hard to drive in there, Its the community. As a community we need to improve ourselves as a whole and our experience will improve over time.

  1. Be patient. You don’t have to be the first person to the corner or the first person on the gas. Know the limits of yourself and your car. Getting a good start is very important don’t get me wrong, getting around corner number 1 is more important though. If you are racing others always be prepared for sudden movements and only pass when its clear you can do it without taking each other out.

  2. If there are some cars in front of you all fighting for position don’t try and force your way thru. The people in front of you are trying to pass just like you are. Take part in the fight but keep it clean and enjoy the challenge. That also means not diving into the corner to take someone’s line in front of you. Be opportunistic but not in a reckless way. If somebody slides out in front of you and you can make the pass go for it, If somebody slides out and it will be sketchy to hold the line then back off and wait for the next opportunity.

  3. While passing it is your job to do it cleanly. If you can’t make it clean don’t do it. Sometimes it’s just not possible to make a pass so just wait it out. While making a pass stay in your lane, if you pinch somebody down expect to get hit because the bottom guy needs his room as well. If you run somebody wide and they bounce off the wall and then hit you technically that’s your fault. Don’t get mad at him because it’s your fault for not giving him room. Sometimes waiting to make a pass can turn bad if the guys catching you don’t try to pass cleanly either. (See number 2). If you are being held up because of a driver try actually backing off a little bit so you can get a clean run thru the next corner and complete the pass that way.

  4. While being passed it’s your job to hold your line. What do I mean by hold your line you ask? It’s quite simple. Be predictable and stay in your allocated spot. Don’t go out of your way to obstruct others. I can’t tell you how many people I have seen try to block over aggressively and end up in the grass. So while holding your line that also doesn’t mean apex like normal because that’s “your line”. When an apex is done correctly you usually take up at least 2 lines, the outside line, and then the inside line, then the outside line again. So while being passed if you’re on the inside line stay there thru the entire corner not just the beginning. If you have to let off the gas a little bit on exit to keep from running into the guy on the outside then do so. Vice versa if you are on the outside, stay on the outside for the duration of the corner, don’t pinch the driver into the inside wall or grass. This could cause them to lose control and most likely slide up and wreck both of you. Again, don’t get mad at them because they hit you while passing, if you would have gave them room you prolly would have passed without incident.

  5. Drafting can be very useful if done correctly. While drafting cars go faster (due to science lol) to make it useful, it must be done correctly. First if you can’t communicate with the other driver don’t even try it. Usually when done with no mics the driver getting pushed slams on his brakes in fear of being wrecked by the pusher. So if there is communication push away.
    Simple rules to follow: Don’t try to push somebody if you’re gaining ground too fast on their bumper or you will just wreck them and possibly yourself. Don’t push to close to a braking zone. While doing a successful draft make sure to back off near the end of the straight so you both can brake successfully.
    With the new updates to the game bump drafting is nearly impossible so please don’t touch somebody’s rear bumper.

  6. Braking is incredibly handy and the button for it is the trigger on the left side of your controller. Brake hard at the beginning of the braking section and ease up as you get closer to making the turn. A perfect brake should end with almost a sigh of relief. It is a deadly game of cat and mouse. It is on the line of out of control and very fast. If you are having to hit the gas to get to the corner you have over broke, so next time drive the car in a little farther, and try again. If you have slid past the turn and end up in the sand I would recommend braking a little earlier and harder but that’s up to you.

  7. Acceleration. Everybody knows where this button is so I won’t touch on that. Having 800 hp does nothing if it takes you an extra second to put the power down. Where do drag cars make or break the run? At the launch, so think of every corner exit as a “the launch” and get the power down as quickly as possible either thru tuning, thru the build, or thru practice with throttle control. Don’t use the excuse it has too much power, if it’s broke fix it!!! TCS works in this game so if you need to use it then please do. Don’t choose a 900HP rig for Lime Rock… You’re going to have a bad time.

  8. Practice, practice, practice. I promise you will get faster the more you practice. I don’t just mean driving around by yourself, get out on the track with other drivatars in career mode and race. Try not to hit other cars around you. Figure out how to brake and accelerate in traffic. Learn how to hold your line while making a pass. If getting passed, then again hold your line. The better you get around other cars the faster you become. You won’t wake up one day, grab a controller and be the best. It takes months/years of dedication, critical thought and teamwork. You need time to “grow”. So once you can get over the fact it’ll take months, possibly even years, you’ll start to see results. Make friends; try tunes that aren’t yours and most importantly - ASK QUESTIONS!!
    Cutting the track for a faster lap doesn’t improve you as a racer. If anything it makes you cheapen yourself up by not doing the track correctly. If the game gives you the dirty lap triangle you’re doing it wrong. Also on that note there are places that should be dirty that aren’t. Try your best to stay out of those areas as well. All in all stay between the white lines at all times if possible.

  9. Understand the situation of your surroundings. This is so very important to having a nice racing experience. Understand the racing situation that you are in and think ahead on what’s going to happen. I think a lot of this is about “situational awareness”, or being aware of a situation before it even arises. Like - having a grip car on Road America… You know for a fact that many, many cars will catch you down in Turn 3 at the bottom of the hill. So choose a line and be in it by the time they catch you, let them find their way around you.
    Don’t overtake in areas where the outcome is most likely a wreck. Don’t put yourself in a situation that will most likely end up in a pile up. Slow down a bit and you will most likely get thru while everybody else wrecks for being impatient.
    If there is a wrecker in the lobby be looking behind you to move out of the way of his speeding bullet. (VOTE TO KICK). DON’T RETALIATE EVER! (See bullet 10)
    Understand not everybody is on your skill level. Some drivers are new to the game or maybe just the class.
    Understand not everybody’s car is built like yours. There are millions of building options in this game so some cars may need to get on the brakes sooner than you. Be aware of this and if you are right behind a car that brakes early give the car some space so you don’t run into the back of it.
    Understand the track! If it’s a grip track drive a grip car. I know its fun to challenge yourself and drive a non grip car there but this just causes accidents. 10 grip cars trying to get around a non grip car is a recipe for disaster. Situational awareness

  10. Accidents are a part of life on and off the track. If you cause it slow down and let those affected pass, even if it means going to last place. If you were wrecked just LET IT GO and continue your race.
    If there is a wrecker, vote to kick them after the 1st race. If the 2nd race is the same save the replay, go to and Send Snowowl a private message on there with the following info:
    What forza game it is, Name of the wrecker(s), Name of the track, Detailed description of what took place during the race, name of the file (examples ooooo,eeeee,11111) Please make sure to watch the video before sending it to snowowl to make sure the wrecks were intentional. Be aggressive with this, take 15 min at the end of your racing day to watch the videos you have saved of wreckers and share them. The more the community cracks down on this the quicker we will clean this place up. I have sent hundreds of videos to Snowowl so just think if we all took the time to do it. 1 person can make a difference! If you are a wrecker/griefer your time is coming :slight_smile:

When the race is over and after you have received your xp and credits for finishing the race is where you can save the replay. Its between the continue tab and race results tab. After you have saved it the whole race will be saved in your forza tv area for you to go back and review the race. After review send a message to snowowl on the inbox area. Example below.

Example of message to Snowowl
Good day Snowowl I have video(s) of people deliberately crashing others. From what I can tell you are the person to help me clean up the lobbies. Here is the info you request.

GT: Name of the wrecker
Game : Forza motorsport 6 (or Horizon and name which one it is 1,2,3,4,5,6)
Track: Name which track it happened on
Description: Give detailed feedback on what happened. Like if he was wrecking everybody, if he waited to wreck the leaders, no braking into the corners, cutting corners and wrecking people are a few examples
File name: vvvvv, keep it simple and non obvious. He like 5 letters in a row or close on the keyboard that pops up on the xbox so he can type it in quickly.

  1. When you name your replay DO NOT USE ANY GAMERTAGS. Use the random letters, numbers or combination like we’re suggested here.
  2. When you save you replay DO NOT PUT ANYTHING IN THE DESCRIPTION. You want to keep any reference to the GAMERTAGS in question OUT of the search capabilities.
  3. When you review your replays: Use a consistent camera (I prefer follow advanced) and review from the perspective of each driver. Yes, it takes time. But it’s the only way to ensure you are reporting actual wreckers and not wasting your time, or anyone else’s time, by reporting unskilled players or just plain accidents.
  4. While reviewing your replays. Go into photo mode to check for inappropriate content on cars. Profanity, nudity, pornography, pedophilia, references to drugs, racism, etc.
    These things exist and need to be reported in the same way.

This system is frustrating and severely undermanned and under used, in my opinion. However, it is all we have available and we should use it properly and often to help clean up the game.

If you have made it this far, thank you for taking the time to read thru my “10 commandments”. There will always be more to add to this to this list but if you implement these 10 points into your online racing experience I promise you will improve and you will have a much better experience.

I want to give a big thanks to ERS PROPHETIK for helping me make this list.

Thanks everybody and I will see you on the track and as always keep it clean and keep it fast!


P.S. Feel free to share this with friends and other social media outlets.


I was just thinking of this. Very good stuff. I’ll try to add to it later. Thanks!


All good tips, would make a great official blog post so that more people can learn how to race clean :wink:


Ahhh not a problem, my dude. Glad I could help! Thanks for the shout out!!

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Nice write up, now if only something like that was in the game for people to see.


That would make a huge difference. If something like that was possible I would suggest somebody else write it since im not the best writer lol.

I beg to differ, I think your post should be FM7’s cover art. I was nodding “yes” with every point.

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This should be stickies and yes it should be in game, maybe as tips that appear when tracks load. Good job on this and a great guideline for how you should behave in multiplayer. I’m guilty of some bad driving on solo play but online I’m way more skid dish and just let people go.



That’s understandable since it is solo play but props for trying to stay clean in the hoppers. Its a hard life in there sometimes but if more people attempt to race clean like you then we will all get to enjoy the game so much more. Thanks for your feedback!

The problem is that the player skill is all over the board. Nobody can adjust their racing line without causing a wreck.

There are several tuning archtypes that all run similar times. You have the Buick GNX passing the KTM X-bow on the lime rock straight back and forth over and over and then the KTM is held up by the GNX the rest of the track in the turns and they in all likelyhood will wreck.

Stuff like that. Odds are the GNX should just let the KTM by on the turns and vice versa so you both can run wide open but that never happens. People are overly defensive of their positions which causes too much friction in the racing pack.

Then I start racing close, like 40-50 feet which I am more than capable of doing and what-do-you-know Mr. not gonna give up my position can’t actually race close to other cars. Ironic. Odds after I pass that type of driver they try to blow the inside line and take us both out “accidentally” just because they don’t know the limits of their car.

If you can’t drive at close tolerances why cause a backup hmm?

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Nicely put, and I’m glad I’m not the only one bombarding Snowowl with replays :slight_smile:

Absolutely not… I usually save up 5 videos or so before I send them to him. I wish I had a counter of all the wreckers that have gone on a 1 week vacation because of the videos I recorded lol.


This is a good idea I didn’t know if the replays had to be within a certain time period or not, but on another note Snowowl is one that really needs props for doing this on his free time and without getting paid if I am not mistaken.
So Thank You Snowowl for helping clean up the hoppers one wrecker at a time.


Snowowl does deserve mad props. He has been helping so many people out with these issues. I usually make sure my replays that I have saved up are within a week old

This is gold. A lot of time, effort, thought and experience has gone into this. In the old days it could have been placed within the game box along with the disc. Perhaps before people login to play they could read this and agree to some terms and conditions which pertain to online play. Great work.

Omg it got stickied!!!

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Well written Johnson. I couldn’t agree more the points are spot on.

huehuehue :wink:

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Says Richard Hammond, an Automotive Journalist… . Far from a reputable source for racing etiquette. I realize that’s an entertaining statement, but, not really credible. Considering he has about as much real racing experience as my mother(Celebrity track days hardly count as such).

Can you imagine how wonderful racing would be if people actually followed simple guidelines like this? I would never leave Forza.

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but 1 can never become the bestest driver -_-
if he doesn’t have any idea on how to drive aggressively…