Hi all,

After hours and hours of tweaking settings and running laps I just cannot seem to get the RUF RT12 to handle right.
So, I’ve decided to come in here and see if anyone can help me out and tune this thing for me.
I’m mainly looking at suspension/aero/differential settings. I should be fine with the gearing.

Here are the stats:
Stock tires
Stock tire and rim size
Front and back aero
Weight: 2,879 lbs
Front: 43%
Has Race Chassis Reinforcement and Roll Cage

Has 355 hp and 296 lp-ft torque

If anyone can give it a quick go and send me the suspension/aero/differential settings then I would be forever grateful!


hi! we have a setup for this ruff if you want to try, I give you the link:

RT12s S class

give us a feedback :wink: