[RSOC] Reddit Special Operations Command -- Gaming Community & Club

Greetings Forza Aficionados!

I am Shojikoto, one of the mods at www.reddit.com/r/RSOC. We are looking for people that have Forza Horizon 2 and are interested in joining a community of redditors who play on Xbox One and have fun doing it.

Specifically for Forza Horizon 2, we have a Club on Xbox One. I would recommend checking out our Forza Horizon 2 Thread which goes over our roster forms & some tips. Currently at the time of this post, we are ranked 176 on the Club Leaderboards and have over 250 members in the Club. All the members enjoy a multitude of things from online road trips, drag racing, tuning, cross country races, street races, etc. We typically have parties of at least 5 - 6 people on at any time. We also have community nights as well!


To give a little bit of background information about us: RSOC (Reddit Special Operations Command) is an active, supportive gaming community (not a clan, we lament this word). We are Redditors that play a multitude of games for Xbox One, not only Forza. RSOC is a gaming community where friends come together to game, shoot the sh*t, sometimes get drunk while gaming (RSOC doesn’t condone underage drinking), participate and vote in community contests, and make comments and posts to share with your RSOC friends. If this sounds like your kind of place, then RSOC might be a good fit for you.

We have one main rule for all of /r/RSOC and that is “Don’t be a douchebag.” We have unfortunately had to ban individuals in the past for violating this rule. The mods are in their 20s and 30s and are attempting to foster an open, mature, and welcoming gaming community (we don’t tolerate racism, sexism, harassment, trolling or other offensive behaviors either towards our members or other gamers in the games we play). Please see this post for a more nuanced and detailed explanation of our stance on language & behavior.

If any redditors (or Xbox One gamers) are interested in joining the subreddit, then head over to /r/RSOC and subscribe. (If you are only interested in the RSOC Club, please check below the break for details.) After heading over to /r/RSOC, you should familiarize yourselves with the sub by adding your gamertag to your flair and checking the sidebar. Don’t forget to add your gamertags to the various game rosters (in addition to adding members already on the roster lists). Add the ‘RSOC Members’ XBL gamertag and friends of RSOC Members to their XBL friends list, and just jump straight into parties with other RSOC and introduce yourself as a new RSOC member.

It’s not necessary to make a post saying “I’m new, here’s my gamertag, add me.” Those posts will be deleted. If you want to introduce yourself aside from joining parties, then we would refer you to the “Getting to know the RSOC” thread where you can tell us:

  • A bit about yourself
  • What games you currently have for Xbox One
  • What games you are looking forward to that haven’t come out yet
  • What RSOC rosters you have filled out
  • What time zone and time of day you usually play
  • What you enjoy drinking (alcoholic or otherwise) while gaming


Thanks for taking the time to read this, we hope to see you over at /r/RSOC and also hope to game with you soon!

See you on (or off) the track!