Does somebody want to challenge RS IWINNUMBER1 to a full no assist race any class or tracks full no assists line off simulation steering real no assists he’s looking for some friendly competition.If so message below.

Uh… are you his man servant or chai boy… fan boy… his alter ego… are you ok? Do you need assistance? You’re in a safe place… just breathe easy & we can help you through this episode…


Can’t stop laughing haha

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Um so is that a yes?

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I don’t negotiate with the “help”…with the “servants.”

Get your master to grace us with his presence & maybe there will be some real talking going on.

Meanwhile I got to go to the store on top of the Big Rock Candy Mountain to purchase some star dust to feed to my unicorn… need me to pick you something up?


Lol, i feel the need to race him just because of this bs. Rip



Only if he agrees to battle me 1v1 no scopes on Rust first.

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Can someone please explain this post? Why is the actual player not making this post?


He’s too busy pwning n00bs of course. And working on his uber micro.

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You didnt stipulate what collision mode or damage option would be set.

From what i remember he likes it rough with no protection right… ? :slight_smile:


Not fgoing to lie, I chuckled really quite hard at this. Thank you for making my night lol

As for the post at hand, I’m not understanding. I mean, I am, but I’m not. Why can’t he have posted in the Racer’s Lounge asking for some friendly competition?

Are you his man-slave? Maybe held against your will? Or does he just pay good? lol

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I’ll do it but it has to be at Road America in an E class Volvo. And if I win I get you for the weekend to do what I want.

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In other news this account is a level 20… So either he’s new to forza and doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into, or he was previously banned - in which case the person who created this thread is his old account.

TUS you don’t know what your getting into if your comment is anything to go by you really have no idea what your getting into have you wondered why none of the fastest in forza have responded if the forza network thinks RS Dropbear is a beast then what does that make me since I’m a more complete racer. good luck with your race with RS IWINNUMBER1 will need it.

Gristlybucket57 was the name of RS IWINNUMBER1 as of 1 day ago… why is that, you know since “you’ve” been talking about him for so long… & of course there was the time that he called “himself”

TinklyFiber94, you “yourself” have an Xbox Gamerscore of 0… you have ZERO friends, ZERO followers, etc… etc…

Obviously you & RS IWINNUMBER1 are the same person & are a part of a race team titled “RS.” Also pulling from your quote above you stated “if the forza network thinks RS Dropbear is a beast then what does that make me since I’m a more complete racer.”; well, you just might be a fast driver but it is obviously too difficult for you to switch from speaking about yourself in the 1st person & 3rd person. So what should we call you… TinklyFiber94, RS IWINNUMBER1, PR IW1NNUMBER1, or “Mitchell Curtis”?

You’re claiming to be this great racer but if you are so good then why aren’t on top of the leaderboards or in the MLG Races? Even if I was THE or one of the fastest drivers in Forza, I wouldn’t gloat about it… you don’t see the ERS, DTM, PTG, Raceboy, or other great race team personnel & individual racers gloating do you? No, what you see is them helping others get better.

The only reason I answer to your little messages/posts on here is because it is amusing… kinda in the same way it is amusing to see a monkey flinging poo or scratching his own butt, smelling it, & then falling off the branch of the tree he’s sitting on…


Major respect Outcast6actual

Separate note (I think a hijack is well with in play here)

Congrats Warlock on joining PTG!

Since you …or is it… RS IWINNUMBER1 …or is it… Gristlybucket57 …or is it… PR IW1NNUMBER1 …or is it… “Mitchell Curtis”… are all about throwing out challenges to us mere & lowly peasants… I would like to ask “your highness” to accept the challenge or to in fact challenge what I, a sloth of a driver, have stated above…

This was brilliant reading on a lazy Sunday morning.


" have you wondered why none of the fastest in forza have responded "

… cause no one cares? Based on the replies it seems pretty obvious to me that no one it taking this seriously.

Who is RS Dropbear? Am I supposed to know any of these gamertags you are talking about?