Any Hyundai Genesis, Mitsubishi Mirage Technica, 2000-2005 Eclipse, Chevy Sonic RS, 80’ Malibu/Camaro/Nova
05 Pontiac GTO

Or better yet, more engine swap options, more visual body costumizations, freedom to swap engines between cars you own (ex. My Fromula Drift RX8’s engine on my rx7). Improve the UI for blueprint creations. Id like to be able to lift my jeep wrangler or my raptor even more, hey, how about a browser blueprint builder or editor? Can i also get those really nice high end bumpers? Dont forget about the ricer bumpers too please (with holes for w"ind resistance" and everything ykwim? …

And maybe can i free look inside my car?

Lastly, as a projection for future ideas… omg VR … id have to get a third job if you guys do that