Route creator

Is there a manual online for using route creator. I can create routes just fine but cannot access map when creating the route. I am using controller default layout 2. Also i cannot set created route to a specific class or delete any routes ive created. How do i make my created routes public as well because my friends cant find them at the event i created them at or in some cases at my creative hub and its about the same for me finding my friends created events. Any help from devs would be much appreciated as this is getting to be confusing and frustrating. Thanks much and absolutely loving the route creator

Not seen one yet

Whatever the “back” button is on Layout 2, try that. If it doesn’t work then swap to layout 1 and access the map with that button

Class meaning A-X? You can’t do that. There’s a variety of options when creating your Event (creating the event comes after creating the route and driving the route to test it).

Creating the Event shares it. I use the tab for Friends and Club to find them. My own ones I go to the actual race event but I’ve found them in other menu’s. Creative Hub for example.
I delete my routes by going to the race itself and choose Solo, then the big blueprint icon on the left and then I can delete the route (which deletes the Event also.
I’ve used this blueprint icon to create a few different versions of the same circuit route. eg, I did a single lap circuit route and made separate events with 3,5,10, and 25 laps.

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I find this a bit odd, but I couldn’t see ANY of my friends created routes under friends and followed.

I have to follow each friend, then they showed up.

I guess that makes sense since it says friends AND followed, not OR. But it’s not a very intuitive way to go about it…

I have a few of my friends followed but most of their races dont show up on the event start locations when i go to that tab. Its a great concept but lacking in execution in so many areas