Route Creator / Blueprint is effectively unusable for people putting a lot of work into tracks

There’s no save & quit feature. That’s the post.

I’ve had to leave my game running for the past 5 days to build a track I’ve been planning, since there is no way to “save & quit” on something you’re making and return to it later. Very complex route, lots of props. I was almost done, all I had left today was to place & test each checkpoint one by one. When I got home from work today, the game was hung. 5 days of playing with fire because PG left the most basic feature out of Creator has reached it’s logical conclusion.

I’ve probably lost close to 30 hours of work on the track. Don’t know how this was not included in a modern game with a creator mode. I’ve got games with creators over a decade old that include this.

I put a ton of effort into this for the community here and was really looking forward to sharing it up tonight for people to play. So proud of what was made after my final test lap last night. I’m sad and frustrated. I’ll start another attempt this weekend, but it’s demoralizing knowing the work is gone.

There are actually a bunch of rudimentary QOL features missing from FH5’s Creator, but the lack of saving is the one to just break it completely.


Lack of saving to quit, lack of editing a blueprint without having to re-create it, lack of ability to edit a route without having to start all over again just to add/remove/adjust waypoints, having to rewind to remove a waypoint, no way to edit a waypoint after it’s been placed, no way to stop tracking your position for track-making so you can drive around and figure out where you want your track to go and then go back to tracking. There’s pretty much ALL of the features missing aside from the basic ability to lay down waypoints and save it as a route. And god forbid you start trying to add ramps/jumps etc. I mean good freaking luck. I’ve spent two or three days just trying to make a basic route.


Yeah, +1 on most of the above. I’ve already pointed that out quite a while ago, and there are some other features that are strange (like some weather oddities, every small change in rules causing you to re-test-drive everything (which can take some time)).

As for driving around to find the best spot: It sorta works with the rewind feature.


I really HOPE they make DIY Tracks editable!

When you make a mistake, is a pain in the A… to make the hole track again, because no edit after creating a track, no change to set/edit objects and no change to “edit the racing line” afterwards. And there is no auto routing line in the track edit mode :frowning:
You have to make all driving lines by your self, again all this with no edit later :frowning:

Well, the motivation to make a track better and better, but without EDIT MODE is very low …

Why is that so? FH 5 is a AAA Game, not a Hobby Garage Project or?
NO, Professional Developer working at FH 5 for money or? Then please make it better, or just go back to hobby garage games!


Good points from everyone, glad more are noticing. Hopefully things change because we could do some amazing stuff with the creator if it had some of this basic functionality…

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I just spent 11 hours making a track today and I just lost all my progress to a driver crash. They really need to add a save function for the route creator, I don’t know why they thought releasing an editor of any kind without a save or edit function was a good idea.

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Something similar happened to me just a moment ago - spent 2-3 hours creating something and then the game just crashed… :frowning:

Please add the ability to save your progress. As a novice track editor myself - I often feel the need to go back and improve my blueprints. It’s so frustrating I can’t.

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It’s just silly that we need to test drive again before publishing after only changing a name of the event. Same with changing a number of laps - I mean if it worked for 5 laps, it probably should work work 3 or 10 laps, right ?

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What would be nice if FH5 had a similar route creator to GTAV. The option to not save and later edit is a pain, I just spent 4 hours creating a route, used props on certain parts of the track for banked turns etc. Get to the corner and I just drive right through the props like they aren’t even there. Can’t even go back and remove them, nope you got to start all over again. They got to fix this or I won’t be playing much more of the game.

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Another issue I’ve had is the props not loading when you play some of the created routes. Even on my own tracks. I’ve spent 5 to 6 hrs on 4wd rock crawling tracks, only to play it a day later and there are no props.


I have experienced all of the above, I’m a newbie, but uploaded 3 races so far. Two of them had props, but when I played them after the upload, all the props are gone???:thinking: Also, do any of the devs even read these posts??? I mean, there are a lot of people that are not happy with the editor, I mean, who is going to want to fool with the horrible blueprint creator??? Come devs, fix this before you lose players. The custom maps is what keeps the game alive!

the Route Creator definitely needs a save function. I love editors and love to create content, so I’m super happy that route creator is in the game, but it takes a lot of time when you want to design detailed routes and it’s just awful that you can’t do it piece by piece using a save function.

The most annoying thing is that I worked on a route for over 7 hours (!) today (because there is no save function) and at the very end the game crashed and I ended up back in the XBox menu. Nothing this frustrating has happened to me in any other game since I’ve been playing video games.

I’m so pissed off that I probably won’t touch the game for the next 3 months. Please dear developers fix this, please

I find it particularly annoying that you cant start race circuits from where you want them. Also all of the races start at the begining of a road so there is no way to connect them unless you use most of the prefab course.

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