Route Creation Checkpoint Glitch?

Hey Guys,

First time on here. Which I guess isn’t a bad thing because that means I haven’t had many issues. Going off of that, I love Forza Horizon 4. I love playing it. I really don’t have any “major” complaints.

My Problem:

I created a route and began testing it. I flew past the the checkpoint at first, racing along like normal. When I crossed the finish line, the race didn’t conclude. I was puzzled. It said I didn’t pass a checkpoint. So I drove back and forth across it to see if I actually “passed” it and continue on to the next checkpoint. Still didn’t work.

Here is the video:
Click here for Video of Glitch

The link is a video of me driving past the checkpoint and going to the next (I filmed it with one hand and drove with my other; very hard to do). As you can see, I clearly pass the checkpoint in the tunnel. I drive to the next checkpoint after the tunnel, but it doesn’t have the “next checkpoint” label above it (where it says like the distance to the checkpoint). I stop, face the camera back, and its still on the other checkpoint.

Help would be appreciated, I don’t know why this is happening. Let me know if I’m doing something wrong, or if it is a glitch!

Thanks again!



Yes I’m having the same problem. Also happened to me in someone else’s custom route,and only affected me and not the other players

i have the same problem with checkpoints

Same issue here, I don’t know why it happens,